Above photo is of Floriade, the flower festival in Canberra that is on for the next few weeks. Yup, those bands of colour are all tulips!

Well, I am home and the kitties and houndus are not. Reason being, I have returned only briefly, for Dungeons and Dragons. I play a gnomish cleric (a cleric that is a gnome, not a particularly gnomish one by demeanour) and I keep getting told off for doing girly things, like buying icecream for the seven-foot-tall warforged. I was only introduced to D&D this year, and I love it. We're playing Eberron.

It's probably a good thing that my critters are staying with my mother. I am hosting us this time, and I asked Sim what he can/can't eat. He replied:

"I can't eat gluten, or mammal protein."

Mammal protein? Okay. I am used to food fiddling (with a diabetic sister, and a gluten/dairy intolerant mother, you have to be), but how exactly do they test mammal protein? Is is all mammals? What about monotremes? Could one, per se, have platypus milk? Eeesh. I know what food I'll organise, though, and it will be dairy, mammal and animal-in-general free. So if he's not being snuggled up to by my extremely mammalian critters, then hopefully all will be good.

See, wonderdog loves men. I think it's partly why I have a regular fling, not a regular b/f. Whenever men come over, as soon as they sit down, a ball of chihuahua-cross that looks like Ren, smells like wet dog even when she is dry, and sheds like a demon, plonks itself lovingly on their lap and licks them. Maybe they're worried that's what the children would look like. I've only met one who liked her, and he had already got himself a girlfriend. Dammit.

Knitting update - I bought more yarn! Bright green tencel! Yay me! And I bought some pretty dyed ribbons to tie the almost finished bolero shut when I have finished it! Will post pictures when it is light enough for my shitty camera to pick them up.


I am at home tonight.

I am supposed to be in Canberra.

Okay, the reason why is the fur-children, as my US friends refer to them. The kitties, specifically. I cleaned my crap-hole of a house today, scrubbed and washed and then ended up giving up and shoving things into cupboards in a blind rush because I wanted to be on the road before dusk as there are a heap of roos out on the road to Canberra.

The scrubbing and the cleaning took longer than expected. I'm now sitting in my clean house, too afraid to do anything lest I undo the cleaning. I made it, eventually, at about 5pm, to a clean house. Well within dusk, but as I had also packed the car, I decided stuff it, I'll drive anyways. I've done the drive at night, and the fur-kids behave better when I do - they go to sleep, rather than yowling and whining all the way down (about 4 hours with pit stops). I just have to be extra-alert so as not to total my car and kill a kangaroo.

I got out the cat-carriers. These are baskets of industrial plastic, with cat-proof fastenings. I put them on the back seat of my car, with my chihuahua cross sandwiched between them. This is a relatively frequent occurrence, and the dog at least travels well, although the one time I was RBT-ed, the policeman nearly died laughing at my crazy-spinster-cat-lady family, who all started making vast amounts of noise as soon as the car stopped.

Stabby nearly gave me the slip, but she's old, and fat, and let's face it, can't run for peanuts. She scratched the hell out of my arm, because she knows she's going to have to stay with psycho-dog. But I got her into her cat carrier. I do this by turning whichever cat it is upside down, then inserting it into the carrier - they're so confused that they can't stick out their paws and block the entry.

Then I realise that Dory is nowhere to be seen. I call her. The dog gets excited, and starts running in circles barking. Stabby growls from the depths of her cat-carrier, then leans against the side of it and tips it over. More growling. I go into the back yard.

No Dory.

I go into the front yard, and check on the top of the water tank (Dory's favourite ambush spot). No stupid-frickin-cat. So I get out a tin of food, and do that pathetic walk up and down through the house and out onto the road in my bare feet, all the time calling the stupid cat like a mantra. By this stage the dog has nearly peed itself with the sheer excitement, and Stabby has taken to yowling like a banshee.

Half an hour later, I realise that Dory ain't coming back. And it's the best part of dark. Yes, dear readers, it took me more than an hour to catch one cat, and lose the other, and get the dog so excited that it had a wheezing fit. And people trust me with their children.

I gave up, let the spitting ball of fury that Stabby had turned into out, called my sister to say I wasn't coming tonight, and then went and got takeout because I was too scared to even think about touching my spotless kitchen. Dory has just showed up, pleased as punch, chewing on a bug. It's almost nine pm.

I wonder what she'll do when I lock all the windows tonight, then bundle her into a cat-carrier before dawn tomorrow?


I finally broke out the knitting at best (male) friend's house. He didn't even look askance as I knitted through futurama and the simpsons (hey, it's stocking stitch, how hard is it??) So I have finished another side, and I'm trying out the theory of doing both sleeves at once, to ensure length, rather than tediously counting rows. Yay me!


Okay, is there a problem here?

The UK issue of "Simply Knitting" from AUGUST arrived in my local newsagent's today.

Aiiiieee. August. C'mon, I know I'm in the boondocks, but REALLY. Not much in there I wanted - well, the kitchy birdie mobile maybe. And I'd learn to crochet for the picture (no pattern...blech!) of the vest that looks like a giant mobile doily. So long as people didn't try and serve afternoon tea on me.

I wonder when we'll get the Interweave crochet special. No, wait, that should be IF.

Project update - I finished one front of the bolero. Off to watch Mythbusters and go the other side!


This is the cotton for the bolero. That's the finished back, and part of a front. Yay me!


Leek and Corn Pasties
This is my own recipie. I'm making it for the other staff members for lunch tomorrow! It is vegan unless your pastry or margarine contains critters.

  • 2 x leeks
  • 1-2 little snack-size tins of corn kernels
  • pastry (about 3 sheets or make your own with 2 cups flour, coupla tablespoons margarine, and some cold water)
  • soy milk (don't ew at me, it works in this recipie better than moo milk)
  • flour
  • Margarine (I use nuttlex)

Preheat oven to 200C. Chop leeks making sure to wash any grime out. Even the slightest bit of grime is nasty. Warm in nice big pot with several tablespoons margarine until soft and squishy (about 3-5 minutes). Then add about three-four tablespoons of flour, and mix until flour is all mixed in but not browning. Add soy milk to make a thick white sauce-like consistency with leeky lumps. Add drained corn and mix.

If I am making this for a lot of people, I make weeny little circles with my scone cutter. If I am making it for me, I make big-ass pasties with a saucer, or else just a square. The principle is the same. Cut them out of pastry, spoon in mixture, fold and close. Put on baking tray. Little weeny ones take about 15 minutes, big ones take about 30-40 minutes depending on the pastry. I always have some filling mix left - it tastes nice with things like notdogs, or bread.

So that is what the English faculty are having for lunch tomorrow. Hehehe.


I have no camera!

I thought since I was posting a few comments on KAL blogs, I should post something here so that people don't think I'm a random weirdo. I'm an Aussie, and I'm a knitter.

My UFOs are:
- A cotton shrug
- A jacket in Inca
- A jumper in firefly that I've lost the pattern for
- A cardigan in heathers which I think I will frog and use the wool for the trees design in the latest Knitty

I want to make:
- the Greek Pullover, floral bag and jacket from Interweave
- the lace jumper and the little jacket-thingy and the lace shrug from Creative Knitting
- the trees jumper and the little orange thing (Samu? is it?) from Knitty

But I am on a yarn diet, as our US friends would have it. Caused by a shocking electricity bill. So yes. Post one. Will update if and when I get a camera.

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