Nuno felting

I went to a felting worshop on Sunday for Nuno felting, which is felting onto fabric. Was sort of easy to grasp, but tiring to execute - you lay out the fleece either in lumps (above) or to cover (below) a piece of light fabric, then felt with all your might - roll and squish and so on. I made a scarf, a wallhanging, an ungodly mess on the table, and I bought the fleece to do a scarf for the mother for Christmas.

This one was done by laying the fleece onto a piece of fabric. The fabric crinkles with the felting process - it's really quite beautiful. I scanned the felt rather than using my crappy camera to take piccies. I was apprehensive about going, but I'm glad I went.


Blog Games

Okay, some blog games:

Aurora needs:
Aurora Needs You!
Aurora needs developers to come in and make bold changes to its core.
Aurora needs leaders who are willing to speak their mind.
Aurora needs to improve in many ways.
Aurora needs some TLC, but has lots of potential.
Aurora needs to be somewhere permanently in the marvel universe!!!

Oooh, yes please to the last one!

And the images one:
The name of the town where you were born
Hmm, odd. And kinda cool.

The name of the town where you live now
Simply terrifying.

Your name
Rather obvious.

Your grandmother's name (just pick one)
I have no idea how Jean got me this...

Your favorite food
No, not dog. Vienetta!

Your favorite drink

Your favorite song
I am the real (the real) thing (thing)!

Your favorite smell

Rain all the way, baby

Knitting update - I kept leaving my bizarre blue rolly-bag at work, and since it contains the Greek Pullover, I raided the WIP pile at home for something to knit whilst I watched Robin Hood Documentary. I'm sleeving the poor old Inca jacket that I lost interest in. Just in time for summer. Yeah, good.

Going to a felting class on Sunday. Felting felting felting!


Greek Pullover update

This is the work I've done so far on the Interweave Greek pullover. Amazingly, the slipped increases weren't any trouble. Unfortunately you can't see it, but the yarn has a lovely sheen to it when it's knitted up.

I bought a 10 pack of Sherlock Holmes DVDs yesterday. I was watching whilst I knitted. But tonight is cartoons, so I'll get even more done! Wooo-hooo! I'm starting to find that I am much calmer if I get some knitting in during the day (This is a good thing!).

The HSC English Paper One was easy. Thank the gods. My dear children all came out happy, which will really help their performance in Geography etc. for the rest of this week.


Finished Object!

I think that the note on that picture is reasonably self-explanatory. I woke up this morning with a blinding headache, and I needed something repetitive to do whilst I waited patiently for the Nurofen-plus to kick in. I turned on Rage (a.k.a music video show) and watched the top 20 and sewed. I don't know what was more depressing, the glut of 80s remixes, or the fact that the goddamn crazy frog has TWO, count them, TWO songs in the top 20. There is no justice in this world.

I accidentally took this shot setting the camera up, and I think it's actually kinda okay. Obviously, my camera isn't really "all that" - but you can see here I closed the bolero with a pin. I tried sewing ribbon on, like in the original in the mag (Simply Knitting, for those of you playing at home!) but it looked horrid. Really, really horrid. I'm happy with the colour, though, and the weight - I hadn't knitted in cotton before, and I must say, I wasn't too fussed with how "hard" it felt as I did so. It's come out okay, and I have another lot of balls of it left, so I'll knit the rest of them into a Jo Sharp shrug...aaaah, summer!

Binky wasn't too impressed with me out taking photos. She's saying:
Dammit, stop buying me cutesy things and making me stay still for photos. I want to go roll in something, then I'll sneak into your room and sleep on your pillow. Stupid new heart-shaped-tag.


Malcolm...you're a dead man.

Because our radio show is on Thursday and not Friday, I took my copy of my weird diary that has a daily task in, and did tomorrow's task. Which is to do a random shout-out on radio to someone called Malcolm. I explained to DM that he needed to do a shout out to Malcolm on air. As we have been getting phone calls from an irate drunkard who is determined that DM is gay, and therefore shouldn't be allowed on radio, he rather judiciously picked:

"And this next song comes with a special message; Malcolm, you're a dead man. Let's hear the song - "A Great Day without You".

He turned off the mike. We were all allowed to breathe, cough and fart without fear of being heard by all 3 of our listeners. We breathed.

The phone rang.

"Um...you don't suppose that the irate drunkard's name is Malcolm?" ventured Peren, as we stared at it in horror.

"Or that he thinks you've broken up with Malcolm?" I chimed in, rather helpfully, I thought. DM gave me the finger, and picked up the phone.

"FM107.5....oh, hello, Mrs X," he said, rolling his eyes, as were we. Mrs X calls every week, and requests The Corrs. In the middle of an alternative/dance/etc show. So The Corrs get squished in between Goldfrapp, Rammstein, and The Bedroom Philosopher. After a conversation that on DM's part mostly consisted of "Yes, No, Uh-huh, Oh really? That's a shame!", he hung up.

"She wants "I never really loved you anyway," he said. We sighed with relief as he continued:

"She told me that it's a good song to play, if I really want to get back at Malcolm. "



I haven't done much knitting recently, but I have finished all the bits of the bolero. Now I need to sew it all together. The icky part of knitting, I always feel. I want to sit down and knit, but my marking pile is through the roof, cos the HSC starts on Monday, with English as first cab off the rank. My subject. Eeesh. And some of my kids' work....eeeeeeeeeeesh.

But some are so sophisticated I could jump up and down in nerdy joy. Huzzah!


Oh boy

Oh boy.

Well, I've almost finished the bolero jacket. Think I'll frog the green thing. Not too enamoured of it now I have a new book for the chosen yarn. It is called "Summer patterns". Not entirely sure about summer knitting...I mean, when it is 40 degrees outside, do you REALLY need a jumper? I mean, traditionally summer is the time to make bags, and stuff for next winter...

Nootz came to stay with me in Canberra. We did the floriade trip, and the road trip, and the trip to the vege resturant for fake duck, where she, and I quote "Chucked ana off the boat" for the evening. She has managed to get herself into a really odd predicament; engaged to her bizzaro-world boyfriend, but seeing a man twice her age on the side. We went through the seven deadly sins. Yup, she's doing them all. And almost all of the 10 commandments, excepting murder and the one we couldn't remember.

But that's probably a commandment-breaker in itself...


I knitted all through the game. Much to the disgust of one of the blokeys, until I hit him on the head with a (okay, it was a bendy one) knitting needle and told him to quit his whining, if I hadn't've been there, he would have been a little pile of zombie food.

Yes, ladies and gents, the GM, who is used to our party screwing up royally, let us finish our big people's adventure, then indulged in munchkin central. We're only level 6 characters, and we played this godawful adventure in a castle of the undead *ooh, scary fingers!* It was written for level 6 characters, ostensibly. Maybe if you're a 14 year old boy. And we got some neat stuff by basically wandering through the logical sequence of rooms (the big bad evil is ALWAYS on the top floor) and picking it up. But the most fun was the hurt snerk on the face of the GM as we dispatched of everything he'd thrown at us in record time and without falling over - the mummy, the spectre, the hordes of moronic undead...

I'm becoming more fond of my character. I'm a cleric, and with a party of morons who shouldn't be allowed out of a city without the SAS accompanying them, I find that I am always busy, either doing something moronic myself, or saving other morons. GM has given me a nifty little dealie holy symbol from one of the new weapons books - I really need to read up on it.

As for Mr-no-mammal-protein, I bought the food, and he insisted on cooking for me. What a shame, thought I, a cute man in my kitchen cooking me stirfry. What a daaaaarn shame. He even washed up. Delight.

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