Honey-soy mushrooms

Honey-Soy Mushrooms

1x packet of dried shiitake mushrooms
1x jar of honey
1x pack of tempura batter
sesame oil
peanut or similar oil for shallow-frying
1/4 cup soy sauce
oyster mushroom (not oyster-oyster!) sauce (from Asian supermarket)
sweet chilli sauce
star anise (from Asian supermarkets)
1-2cm cubed fresh ginger, finely chopped
1-2 cloves of fresh garlic, finely chopped
sesame seeds
rice to serve

Soak the mushrooms in hot water for 30 minutes or until soft. Drain, and set aside. Put the rice on to cook. Make up the tempura batter according to the pack directions, except the consistency should be slightly stiffer than normal. Coat the mushrooms (the batter will soak up some of their sog). Heat up oil in a heavy-bottomed pan for shallow frying. Whilst oil is heating, in a small saucepan combine on a very low heat:
-several star anise
-1/4 cup of soy sauce
-1/4 cup of honey
-several tablespoons each of mushroom sauce, and sweet chilli sauce
-several tablespoons sesame oil
Stir whilst you fry the mushrooms in batches. Keep tasting the sauce - if it is too sweet, add more soy, if it is too salty, add more honey.

When the mushrooms are all fried, turn off the heat on the sauce and the frying pan. Tip out the excess oil from the pan, and put all the mushrooms in there. Coat liberally with the sauce. Add 2-3 tablespoons of sesame seeds. DON'T burn the sesame seeds! They smell foul!

Serve on top of freshly cooked rice.

Life has been, well, interesting.

I have been promoted, so I'll be here another year. I'm working like mad on the punk shrug so I can wear it on Speech Day. And Blogger keeps logging me out, so I can't update. SP, if you're checking, I have had great fun smelling my soap and petting my yarn! Thanks ever so much!


secret pal goodness

I got the gift of sending and receiving today...

What a day for my camera to break down! I got yarn! And kool aid! And soap! And pens! And a card!

I am SO impressed with the yarn! Noro, in a rainbow colourway. And purpleish malabrigo (sp?). It's all lovely and soft and I am totally in love with it. Oh, I am totally in love with it. I had to duck home from school today to grab something for the exams, and I spotted the box, and took it back with me, then spent the rest of the day showing people my lovely yarn. My students think I'm nuts.

Thinking of students, we're doing street theatre tomorrow at lunch - which should be a hoot. My favourite group is the monks, who plan to traverse the school Monty Python style, blessing all that they encounter with a stick of celery.

Plus, my SP package made it to its destination today. I'm so glad that my person likes it! It was a bit of a risk, I guess, picking stuff, and I am SO happy that she likes it. All warm and fuzzy. Aaaaaaaawwwwwww.

New Project

I tried to frog back a bit on the green lace jumper.

I got frustrated.

I ripped all of it out.

Ah well. I'll either re-knit it later, or else I'll make the yarn into something else. Not a disaster. But I've taken it off the percentage bar graph! And replaced it with what I started last night - a lacy shrug made in cotton. It's a Jo sharp pattern. I hope it looks okay - Jo Sharp patterns are often scored for coathangers with blonde hair. Not sure how I'll go with 245 rows of lace pattern though. I forsee future frogging.

My poor downstream SP. I kept meaning and meaning to post a new letter in the forums to her, and only remembered to the other day. She must feel all neglected! Still, the package should hopefully get there this friday or so. I don't think that I could commit to a 3-month round - I don't think that I could afford to! I like the shorter, holiday rounds, though. And I like *my* SP! Still going on the candy, though the Hershey bar is loooong goooone.



I braved the green lacey jumper last night. I've made a problem in the lace pattern, and I need to frog back a bit. And in frogging back, what will stop me from frogging all the way and making something else?

Which is exactly why it's been sitting in its knitting bag for a few months now.

But...I gotta fishy!

I came into work on Friday, and my laptop had been displaced, and in its stead, a large fishbowl with a siamese fighting fish in it. (I think in the US these are called betas). My praccie had decided to gift me with a fish to say thanks for being her supervisor. People are WEIRD. By office consenus, we called him Elvis. The reasoning being:

The fish is siamese.

Siam has a king.

Elvis is/was *the* King.

My, my, we really don't do much at my work, do we? But M helped me get it home yesterday, balancing it on his lanky knees as I drove. Let me tell you, a good way to test the smoothness of your driving is to have an open fish bowl in the car. Not a smart way, but a good way.

Plus, I've finally seen Corpse Bride. Just gorgeous! Gorgeous! And it makes up for HP not coming out here for a week and a half...

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna



I haven't been knitting. I've been freaking out about a rental inspection coupled with certificate time at school.

Okay, arachnophobes, I'll see you later. You don't want to go reading this.

I kept a large huntsman spider. Not as a pet, but as a free range spider in the house. It dealt with the millipedes, and all the smaller spiders, and I let it live on my ceiling. I have no biggie with spiders. I used to have a regular called seven-legged-sid, because, yeah, he had seven legs from a botched broom-squashing. I learned to let the spider run alive, as the adage goes.

I was cleaning up the place, getting rid of the cobwebs that spring up whenever I tturn my back, panicking about the rental inspection. Rental inspections panic me, in a serious way. I hyperventilated in the car on the way home from picking up the dog (Binky doesn't do rental inspections. She tends to be somewhat offputting, as she smells so awful).

Put on my rubber gloves. Hmm, that's funny, right index finger has something squishy in it. Pokey-poke. Hmmm, better tip the glove upside down.

I tipped the glove. Out rolled a spider onto the counter, rather dead. Ooookay.

It's a white tail. It's little spindly legs are curled against its body. It must have crawled in there to hide from the huntsman, and then died.

Panic. Did it bite me? Does my finger hurt because it bit me, or from hypochondria? Is my hand swollen? How will I know? Run about the house frothing a bit in terror, then have to head to the theatre to see the Bell Shakespeare do "Measure for Measure". Brilliant play. Decide that if I make it through three and a half hours of Shakespeare, my finger isn't going to necrotise and drop off as one huge finger-ulcer.

So I get home, ready to find and berate the huntsman for not doing its job. Dory is happily bouncing her merry kitty way across the kitchen floor, skittering something between her paws. She tosses it into the air, and I recognise it. The huntsman must have made his way down to cat height. When he stops moving, she leaves him alone in the middle of the floor, his legs curled in on himself.

I was going to measure him, but I forgot. I think he was ten centimeteres or so leg-tip to leg-tip. When I finally remembered, Dory had returned and was chewing on something which looked suspiciously leggy, and the spider corpse had gone.

Bless her.


SP goodness!

Oh I am happy.

I got home today from one of those days. My whole office had one of those days. From Lizzie Bennet, who's grandmother-in-law died last night, to T, who realised too late that exams were due. I was running around with a headache like a snake in my brain, trying to write up the several hundred certificates that are due to be signed by the relevant people, and handed out next week.

One of those days.

I went to the newsagent's, certain that at least ONE knitting mag must be out by now. I like knitting mags. They looked at me sort of funny, and I slunk home with my tail between my legs. And no magazine. The one thing I needed to make my bad day vanish.

Yup, one of those days.

But then I got home, and THIS was on my doorstep! Hurrah! A knitting mag, and chocolate to eat with it! I curled up on the lounge with the cats and read it, and tried some of the chocolate. Not bad. Not bad at all. I haven't tried the cinnamon candy yet. And customs opened it! What hide! There was a sticker on it saying "opened and checked by Australian customs".

Yeah, I'm onto you. You just want my magazine!



This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz
I'm not surprised at the relatively high spirit score.

Spiritually speaking, I get a lot of exposure to faith. I work at a Christian school, but I am a practising pagan. I see the effects of faith a lot. So I am quite happy with that, thanks. I dread to think how low my score would be without it. See the below! Juju #1 is finished, and being inflicted upon Stabby, who isn't too impressed....

Yarn is not food!

Let's be clear. Let's be really, really clear. Food-related adjectives, should not be used to describe yarn. And fabric related adjectives should not be used to describe food. It's wrong. My coffee is not *silky*...if it were, I would throw it out. Gross. And let's be really, really clear on this, except for colour descriptions, yarn is NEVER buttery. It is not slimy, nor is it slightly rank. Buttery is not a good measure of softness. It is a gross measure. Gross.

I hadn't visited Magknits and looked at their patterns before. Now I have a whole heap of patterns I want to knit, without the wherewithall to do so. Dammit. But I am making good progress on the ju-ju, I have found the greek pullover (under the passenger seat in my car), and I am creating a character for a game of Vampire. Sort of a freaky as all get out Nosferatu who lurks on the wrong side of the tracks and protects homeless people and feeds cats. Um, yeah. I might be quiet now. But the place that she lives is in the back of an abandoned shop that is in town, and is on the wrong side of the tracks, and is so redneck you could expect to see Cletus there. It's called "Dave's Shop and Hock". Aiiieee. So that'll be pretty funny.


Good juju!

Work. Lunchtime. I have lost the Interweave Greek Pullover. Yup. I have put it in my travel knitting bag, and left it somewhere. GNARGH!

So, to deal, I did more of the juju doll. I got an order from my gay online boyfriend ( don't even ask ) and then I got another one today, so I'll be well sick of juju dolls soon. Get it out, I'm doing the legs, the arm stitches held on circs cos I hate stitch holders.

"Oh, what's that?" asks E, who is daintily picking at her lunch.

"Voodoo doll," I reply. The others sigh, well aware that something like this is not really an uncommon occurrence. The phrase "well you did ask" is employed by a workmate.

"Um," said E, after a little while watching me with this little black thing with two circs, one straight (lazy stitch holder), and four dpns hanging from it. "You do know that you're meant to stick the pins in when you're finished, don't you?"

Boom-boom. Actually, R asked me to make her one to put in her office to scare the boarders. Mwah ha ha. I've finished the body of juju number one, and stuffed him - now I have to work out the cross stitching. Tomorrow, I think. There's a storm tonight, and I've got to catch that!


Bad juju!

A new KAL for me! I just love this button. It's simply beautiful.

Actually, juju dolls don't have to be all bad. The traditional doll, or poppet, can be used to send positive or negative energy. All you need is a thing, (often called a poppet by european witches) to represent the person which you are sending the energy to. One of the most powerful vodoun love spells I know of is the one where you fasten two garlic bulbs with a nail (one for you, one for them) and leave them to fester in a cupboard. Nice.

You consecrate the doll, and name it. Of course, it is more powerful if you add to the doll part of the person upon whom you wish the magic to act (hair, nail clippings, skin flakes, blood if you're brave). When you stick the pins into it, you focus the type of energy that you wish to send into the pin. Takes a bit of practise to get yourself into the right state of mind (practise without the doll, please!) but it does have results. If it's good energy, then I suggest giving the doll to the person.

I am actually attracted to this doll for aesthetic reasons, though I think I will make a whole army of them for my slightly gothy friends. But with good ju-ju. Life's too short to spend time dwelling on punishment.


Holiday SP

Holiday Secret Pal. Ah. Button by Domestic Overlord

I've got mine, and I've started making stuff up, and getting ready to send stuff. I'm going for some really AUSSIE stuff, because they live overseas (me being the only Aussie in the game!) They like soft yarn. I have some ideas! I haven't been contacted by my upstream pal yet, but I figure that they just haven't checked their email...this coming from the person who's Yahoo! account sorted their SP info into the spam folder automatically *rolls eyes*.

Knitting-wise, I've done the front and back of the Interweave Greek Pullover. But I've lost my camera (I know! I know!) so no photos as of yet. I'm thinking of buying a decent camera. We had another round of D & D so I did some knitting whilst ranting out of game at a player who isn't playing a fighter, but clearly, clearly wants to. He likes to hit stuff. Stupid hitting stuff.

Had an ick day today, then got a postcard from an aquaintance in the UK which made it all better. Isn't it weird the way that something tiny can make all the difference?

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