I bought some lovely bright blue yarn today for Tempting II. Not being swept up in the original "Tempting" craze (and not being a fan of tops that show my bra straps), I fell in love with its little sister on Knitty, which I believe won't show bra-bits.

Spotlight had one of those massive sales, and I was so good. I could have bought 12 balls of Gusto10 to make Bobbilicious, but I didn't. Nor did I buy the yarn for Alice. And I need sub help with poor old Tubey. I decided that if I want to fly to my step-brothers' wedding, then I need to save. And I do want to fly. I love flying. Sure, the airport where I live only takes weeny planes, has no security to speak of, and a cattle grid to stop cows wandering in there, but there is something very jet-settery about flying. Well DER. And I am really looking forward to when the Sis and I finally get sorted and go to Hawaii either next year or the one after. Ten hours in a plane. Together. We took bets today on whether we'd be speaking to one another when we got off at the other end. Especially as I'll be sans knitting (Australia has very strict rules about knitting needles).

I need to go watch Dr Who and start Tempting II...if I remembered to bring my circs on holidays...



I'm staying with the Mother at the moment. My sis is here too. As are three dogs, two cats, and the outsider-cat that has decided to join the menagerie. Three dogs need walking. Lots of walking. I am not having kids just yet. The fur-kids are plenty enough.

So we walk and look for Christmas lights. Remember it doesn't get dark here until after 8pm, and it's a balmy 37C today :-) So Christmas lights look a bit off, twinkling against the dusk of a warm day, and you can't count on snow covering up where you messed up the wiring a bit.

Australians, I might add, just don't get Christmas lights. Really, they don't. They understand hanging strings of lanterns (as we've all had them for backyard barbies), and some of them whom have been affected by too much US tv understand overblown and tacky, but most Aussies miss the fundamentals of Christmas lights. Which is why the over-the-road neighbours have dressed up what look suspiciously like blow-up-dolls in white and made them into carols singers. And which must be why there is a life-size, life-like statue of a pirate up on the street corner, bathed in fairy lights.

I was considering this, and I thought that having a pirate supplant Santa would be brilliant. We could drink rum, and eat chocolate coins, and still wear stupid hats. And any humbuggery could be dispersed by the words "Yaar! I'll make ye walk the plank!"

Yesterday, driving to Bateman's Bay (speaking of piratey places), the bitumen on the road had melted in the 40 degree heat, and driving sounded like swishing through puddles, and left lovely trails of tar up the side of the car. The oppressive heat in Nellingen was like stepping out into the blast of an open oven door. Which was fun, for 20 minutes. After that, it was a bit sticky. Christmas may be similar. The shrug may have lost the ultimate battle - with the weather.


Best. Day. Ever.

Cpurl is fabulous. All bow before her.

I went up to work this morning to grab the HSC results. That's the final test in High School - and my students achieved fabulous marks. I am so proud of them and their phenomenal efforts. So score one for happiness.

And then I got home, and there was a BOX on my doorstep all the way from America! I know it's a lousy photo, but there's a card, and chocolate, and postcards, and yarn! Thanks so much! You rule, totally, Cpurl! I love the blues - I now have to work out what I want to make with it....mwah ha ha! Such holiday fun!

(PS. Anyone who reads this, go wish Cpurl a happy birthday for Saturday!)

Just more proof that the knitting community is made up of super-sweet, lovely people!



I finished the second ju-ju doll yesterday in a mad flap, and forgot to photograph him! He was a gift for Robyne - I went up to her place yesterday for lunch - because she kept trying to nick off with my one (who sits above my "Danger! Postmodernism doesn't give a flying duck!" sign at work.) I wasn't as happy with this one, (deformed head) but I did like the heart - I did it in a variegated yarn, so it changed colours throughout. Neat.

I was also very cooky yesterday. I made a batch of chocolate truffles - dark chocolate, glace cherries, coconut, coconut milk, and roasted macadamias. I'd never roasted macadamias before. It was a lucky thing that some of them made it into the truffles. I want to spend tonight making Mollychicken's Bird pattern for gift tags for presents for family and Holesville-family.

Peren and I are going shopping today for our small town pseudo-family Christmas. Yep, you read me correctly. We're having Christmas early because we'll all be out of town - it will be a picnic in the back yard sort of dealie, tomorrow night. Just in time for me to be drunk so I don't lie awake all night on Thursday, knowing that my dear children will have their HSC results next day, and fretting about whether they got what they wanted. Then I go to Canberra on Friday to spend biological family time. And I think my Holesville-family will be joining me for new years. Lovely.


Christmas past

Inspired by a thread on the Coffeeshop...

This is a photo of the Aurora clan here in smalltown for Christmas in 2003. I was a dutiful daughter, and hosted Christmas under the big trees in my backyard. Luckily, there was a light breeze, and it was just right here. In Sydney that Christmas, it was 40degrees!

Note the beer, salad, and absence of snow. I like a summer Christmas. It's much more amenable to family and gatherings and suchlike. My friends and I are doing Christmas on Wednesday. Maybe we'll visit the lake.

Thinking of my gosh-darned friends... at D&D last night they turned me into an elf. I was a gnome. Then I took 60HP damage in one hit, and died, and was reincarnated as an elf. Stupid elves. I took out my frustration on the mutant shrug, and ripped out the rows that were mutated, and re-knitted that section. Hah! Shrug = 0. Aurora = 1.



I finally got Firefly on DVD. I hadn't seen it, but I quite enjoyed Serenity, and Peren convinced me that I needed to see the original series. And it was only $30AU, which is pretty cheap, really. I'm really loving it. I'm sitting indoors with all the curtains drawn so that it looks like I'm underwater, watching this show and knitting the pink shrug thing, the dog leaning lovingly against me and wafting an odour of baking dog across the room.

Thinking of the pink shrug - I am clearly a deficient lace knitter. Clearly. I made a lump on the side. It is now a mutant lace shrug. I am going to have to frog back. I decided this over at Peren's house last night. So I might do that today, as I am liking this whole little knitted jacket style. It's okay for summer when you don't want to show off floofy arms, but you need a light top like a tank...

I haven't put up my tree yet. I'm taking it down to Mum's when I go and stay, because she has no tree, and we're all spending Christmas there anyway. Much better to have a tree that everyone sees, rather than decorate an empty house.

Gratuitous Online Quiz-Thingie
You scored as Kaylee (Kaywinnet Lee) Frye. The Mechanic. You are a natural mechanic, and you are far too sweet and cheerful to live out here. How you can see the good in everyone around you boggles the mind occasionally. Still you don't seem to be any crazier than that, and it is a nice kinda crazy.

Kaylee (Kaywinnet Lee) Frye


Shepherd Derrial Book


The Operative


Simon Tam


Capt. Mal Reynolds


Hoban 'Wash' Washburne


Zoe Alleyne Washburne


River Tam


Inara Serra


Jayne Cobb


Which Serenity character are you?
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This is the most legendary fabric ever. Well, maybe not EVER, but I went to Material World this morning to try and find a nice ivory open-weave to felt a scarf for Mum, and found this instead. I got 3 metres of the stuff for $6. Clearly no-one here is a Trekkie. I'm not, either, but I like the ships and Mum will like a bag made from it. I'll make a pocket for her Dalek survival guide.

Plus there's enough to do some really daggy things with after that. I'm thinking maybe covering a corkboard for my office - cementing the loopy Drama teacher image...

At least I was constructive today. I researched green slips, called the Seymour Centre back because the bastards said that they'd lost our booking (major hyperventilation moment - I'd booked accomodation, and busses, and everything) but it was okay. I've even done some washing. And bought some books. And been constructive.

Yesterday, I, um, wasn't. In my defense, it was damn hot, and I was hung over. That still doesn't excuse what I did to the dog. It was sitting on me, panting, wheezing, and generally smelling like old carpet laid over gorgonzola cheese. I realised that its winter coat was pretty heavy, despite being a short-haired dog. So I gave the dog a haircut.

Um, yeah.

I know you're only meant to think giving pets hairstyles is a good idea if you're under the age of eight, but the dog didn't complain. She must have been really hot. It took about an hour with the scissors and a comb, and she now has a rather unfortunate layer-cut with one bald patch. It is testament to the grossness of her winter coat that she actually looks better with this choppy haircut.

But then it got better. I decided to vaccum up the doghair. It matted into a huge foul clog in the cleaner. So now I have a dog that looks like the victim of an eight year old with scissors, a vaccum in pieces, and hair still on the carpet. Oh yeah, and some Star Trek fabric...


Pattern Days

Two excitements:

(1) Work is over for the year, and (2) I got loads of knitting mags. They were all hiding somewhere that magazines slither off to, and some intrepid huntress found them and rounded them up and price-tagged them so that I could buy them. I think I'm obsessed.

I'm quite impressed with the non-price-tagged "Knitty". There's a bunch of patterns in there that I'd like to knit, and I think I'll start with "Kate" as a gift for my little sis (she quite firmly told me that there were no gifts this year, but I figure that a toy doesn't count as a gift. Not to a grown woman). I also liked a few of the others, and to me, "Tempting II" is much nicer than the original version. "Bobbleicious" (sp?) is nice too.

Is it just me, or are shrugs and boleros the new poncho? I'm seeing less ponchos and more shrugs shrugging around the place as summer (and the winter knitting season in the US) approaches. I quite like shrugs. I don't like ponchos. Maybe the pattern police worked out that people are more into things that don't look like a furry sack with a drawstring.

If I do "A Month of Softies", I've decided to make a bandicoot. This is a bandicoot. They look sort of like Japanese soft toys without even trying. I've never seen one in the wild, but I think they're cute. Apparently, there is a growing trend of bandicoots and possums foraging in the cities of Australia, because they're being forced out of the wild places where they would naturally live. Poor little bandicoots. They're a good reason to make sure that your kitties are inside tonight. Oooh, and did anyone hear that apparently a new cat-like carnivore has been found in Borneo?


softies and carols

I've been busy this weekend. From playing D & D for more than 20 hours of it, to the Y10 formal (school formal dance) to carols, to now sitting here at the computer trying to proof-read the reports from my roll-call group.

Things that annoyed me this weekend:
  • stupid elven druid who lets everyone get hurt in fights then expects to be saved when *she* gets hurt.
  • report-checking. Seriously. Pages and pages of: Blah-blah is a pleasant and polite student. They achieved a good/pleasing/disappointing examination result. Well done!
  • a friend of mine who is seemingly physically incapable of eating without slobbering like a St Bernard. I don't know what his parents taught him, but chewing with his mouth closed (and proper care and feeding of his beard, while we're at it) was not part of the equation.
  • getting indigestion at the formal just before desset. That mudcake was begging to be eaten. Begging, I tells ye!
  • people getting cross about toddlers making a noise at the carols service. Get over it, crankybutts. They're KIDS. Noise is what they do!

Things that made me happy:
  • watching the students at the formal have a really fabulous time, acting like young men and women, rather than kids. They are bogans, though. After 20 minutes of dancing, all shirts were out, and the girls were in thongs (note for Americans - thongs here are things worn on feet. You call them flip-flops. Underwear that is buttfloss is called a g-string in Australia.)
  • getting a really nice veggie meal at a catered event. Very rare.
  • finding new cheese at the fruit/veg/cheese shop. I think I need cheese intervention.
  • watching the kids run around at the carols service, disrupting the normal order of things.

Obsession of the day:

I'd never seen these before. I am so inspired. I am so in love with them! Oooh boy. I am so glad that school finishes on Tuesday arvo, so that I can do something about creating some!


Lace! Grr!

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Look, can you see it? I made a mistake.

And it's almost 60 ROWS BACK!

Okay, here's what we'll do. We're not gonna tell anyone, see? It'll be all nice and no-one has to know, see? They're not knitters. They won't know.

The only flaw with my plan is the moment that I have a Poe-inspired fit and scream out "It's the misalignment of that hideous row!" in a crowded room.

But until then, it's all nice, and good. And you don't tell anyone, okay?

My lovely Holiday SP turned out to be...


Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

*big hugs*

I will use your yarn and dye wisely.

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