Interesting discovery!

I think I have found an Australian equivalent of Lion Brand. I was in Big W today (chain store, sells clothes and cds and house stuff and all that jazz), and I decided to have a look at the yarn. I am going to design a fuzzy hot water-bottle monster using one of those novelty yarns like the powder puff. Because it is all squishy and cuddly.

They've introduced a new line called something like Shaun Sheep, and it seems to be weighted towards the worsted, towards what seems the US standard. Cheap as, but I don't actually have an issue with that. If I am going to knit something that is silly, that won't last, I don't actually WANT to spend serious money on it. I enjoy the knitting, I might get a season out of it, but I don't need to spend $100 on Bobblilcious. (I have actually decided that I might not make Bobbilicious. I have another shrug with the same body shape, and it makes my frontage look decidedly more than ample.) There seem to be some that will felt okay, and not be a pricing disaster if I screw it up.

Plus, also on the good side, it isn't my imagination. It IS getting cooler. It was 8 degrees (celcius) last night according to the BOM. Still 24 during the day, but knitwear weather approaches! I love living where it gets cold enough to wear my winter woolies...


Patterny goodness

I got my friend Robyne to save me the pattern books that people handed in at the school fair for the jumble sale. $2 for a bag of miscellaneous books.

Amongst the 1980s horror shows, there were some cute ones from the 60s-70s in which the styling of the pictures can't disguise some really fab designs. I'll scan some in over the next week and show y'all.

This, although it is tapestry, is one of my favourites. It says instructions inside. Unfortunately, inside is a coupon for sending away for the chart.

I reckon that if I scanned it in at a high enough resolution, and then overlaid it with knitting graph paper, I could make a kick-ass chart with it. Either HUGE to make a throw (or wallhanging), or smaller to make a bag, or the back of a jumper. (Sort of like the stunning Kafe Fasset Foolish Virgins cardigan). I think it appeals to me because my mother made a tapestry when I was a kid that was of one of the series of "The Lady and the Unicorn". That tapestry was always in her room when I was a kid. My sis and I have fights over who will eventually get it. Recently, we found more in the series. 20 years on. Mum's making them, and looking for the rest of the seven.

The other stuff I am interested in is some serious Scandinavian stuff in the same book. I have loved Scandinavian and Icelandic design since living in Denmark, but it's hard to get here. And often, it's never cold enough to wear it!


I gotta package!

Oh K9! I just opened my package! And for the rest of you, this stuff was in it!

That is...
- two balls of cranberry coloured sock yarn
- one ball of lighter Knitpicks sock yarn (now I get to see what the fuss is about!)
- clover bamboo DPNs to knit the socks with
- CHOCOLATE. And DAIM!!! Okay, I don't think that I EVER mentioned this, but I love Daim. I met Daim 10 years ago in Denmark, and have been in love since. But it is nigh-impossible to get in Aussie-land. They launched it, it failed, so they stopped importing it. I love Daim. I'm about to go down to the studio, and I'll take some for the boys to eat whilst we're on air (on Thursday nights, DM and I host a radio show. Well, he hosts, I sit and knit, and generally be a pest in the studio)
- a goooorgeous handmade card with a pic of the Doctor and K9 playing chess :-)

I am so excited! After posting yesterday about wanting to knit socks!

Another photo with my lousy camera that shows the yarn colours better. And I also found the winter Vogue Knitting in the newsagency (no sign of Interweave - and there probably won't be for MONTHS...). So I am happy-happy-happy.

K9, you had me fooled. I thought that you must be a Brit, because all of my US friends haven't heard of the Doctor. But now there's a package from America. Unless you piloted the Tardis there just to trick me...I hugged my own K9, Binky, in absence of another K9 :-) She doesn't look impressed. I assure you that she was. Electronic pats and hugs for K9 and my SP!


catch my disease

I think I've caught sock disease.

Not a disease from socks. A disease in which one wants to make socks. They're so quick! And so satisfying! And so bright and shiny and colourful.

Hey, has anyone got the winter Interweave? Whaddaya reckon the swing jacket would look like in grey? Can get nice grey DK quite cheaply. And it's nice wool. I know the people who spin it! Otherwise I was going to go a wine or dark teal in the Jo Sharp. I think I still might. Use the grey for something else.

I have almost finished the second sock. I got frustrated today. Stupid tax.

I want to get the yarn for some of the bigger projects that I have planned. I am clearly a moron, as I somehow seem to have managed to not buy, or lose, the last one or two balls of yarn that I need to finish the Inca jumper. Seriously. I am almost finished the sleeves, but they're gonna be short. Don't overly want to grab new balls and mix them in, as the dye lots in the Inca seem HOPELESS. I don't know how I managed that. I feel so...


Let's go knit some socks. Or the Greek Pullover, for which I DO have enough yarn. And which I REALLY want to see finished, because I am hoping it looks lovely.



Awesome has been my word of the day. I felt really totally foul this morning when I hauled my sorry carcass out of bed (I stayed up late reading the last of Stroud's Bartimeaus Trilogy - yes, I do go with my nerdy self), but the day got better. The utter highlight?

I decided to study Super Size Me with Year 11, on the premise that they're all boys, so they won't get grossed out, and there's no guns or boobs, so they won't get distracted. For those who don't remember, it was the one Morgan Spurlock made the other year, when he ate nothing but McDonalds (or Maccas, in Aussie) for a month. We got up to the point where Spurlock pukes his McDonalds meal all over the place, and the bell was gonna go, so I stopped the video.

Student One: Oh man. I'm hungry now. I could really go some Maccas.
Student Two: Yeah, like, we should all go there after school.

As I drove past McDonalds on the way home, I saw them all entering its capacious jaws. Somehow, I think that the message they got wasn't the one Spurlock intended.

I'm a totally awesome teacher. And I found my sock! It had rolled under my desk, and made a break for freedom somewhere within the computer cabling!


Lost: Half a Sock

We had the swimming carnival on Friday. Hundreds of squealing children in House colours, running about the pool and eating sausage sangers. I was on marshalling duty, and I took my second sock with me to knit whilst we waited between races. It worked quite well. I got all the ribbing done, then had to stop because I didn't have a pattern with me to turn the heel.

But I have somehow lost this piece of sock. Yeah, I know. I took it back to my office, checked my email, then went home to watch "Serenity" and try and finish one of my WIPs. So it is socking its way somewhere around the school, looking for its mother and its older sibling. Weird. I have rehearsals today, I'll look for it then.

I have pulled out the Inca cardigan. All it needs are sleeves. I got about a third of both sleeves done on Friday night, and I noticed something. My knitting has improved upon when I started this cardigan last year. The gauge is slightly tighter. The stitches are much, much more even and regular. It won't be a majorly noticeable difference, but I still felt warm and fuzzy.

I must get fit. I am once again going on the Koziuzko excursion (we climb Australia's highest mountain). On the plus side, that means plenty of bus travel time. I reckon I could almost finish an entire project on that excursion! (It's all of about four months away...)


hail and fuzz

My poor car. My poor pumpkin. My poor garden.

Yep. It hailed again. This place, as I have said before, is the only place that I've ever lived where hail is frequent. People are relatively unconcerned by hail. It happens at least once a month. But today, it was the size of golf balls, with the occasional cricket ball thrown in for good measure.

We stood in the staffroom, glued to the window as if watching some horrid trainwreck, and watched the balls of ice bounce on the oval, and on our cars. I got home to find bits of garden everywhere. The noble pumpkin is bruised and battered. As is my car.

But tomorrow everything will look clean and fresh, and the rain will wash all the bits away. One or two dents won't make my car explode. And when I got home, there was a magazine waiting for me - I had a subscription to a mag that was discontinued, and instead of refunding remaining issues, I got to pick another from the company lists, and I also got a free issue. As I am a magazine addict, I was good with this. I picked one I hadn't got before - "Notebook". Seems quite fun. Some of the articles aren't relevant, but there was a vegie feast, and all these things that inspired me to clean the house. Rare. Good, even.

The above is for K9 and my SP. It's the fuzzy yarn of which I spoke. Hello to all in the Tardis! Hope everything is going well :-)


I choo-choo-choose...

This is just a quick entry...

One of my students today gave her boyfriend a card that said "I choo-choo-choose you".

Imagine a whole class full of cute little Ralph Wiggums.


Happy Valium-times!


pumpkins and socks

I am the pumpkin queen! Okay. I knew I wasn't particularly observant when under pressure.

But how on earth did I miss a six-foot-long pumpkin vine growing in my backyard?

Yep. Six feet of squash, growing against the fence, and I missed it until today. I was hanging out the washing, and I looked at the back fence. Funny, I thought. I know a tree fell down and was carted off last time I was away for a while, but that plant that's taken its place has lumpy knobs on it. Pumpkin-shaped knobs.

I approached for a better look. The knobs were indeed pumpkins. The pride and joy of the collection is pictured above. I have no idea when they arrived, or how, but I now have a nice supply of vegies ready for the winter.... as long as the vine doesn't kark it. I'm a little worried. It's looking a bit wilty today...

In other non-pumpkin related news, I have finished my first sock. It is in Opal "Doktorfish", and I actually managed to find a real live Doctor Fish to look at, and the colour scheme really does seem to match the living animal, which I think is pretty neat. The nice lady at my LYS said that there is no plan to bring in the tigery or the zebra Opal, which is a bit blah, but there's so many other colours to try!

AND my SP got their first package! Hooray! I am having a great time looking at what other people have sent/received on their blogs, because it is giving me ideas, and it shows just how truly creative the knitting community is. I feel totally shamed by some of the packages, though! Woah baby!


Isn' it...

I am going flying on a plane tomorrow. For serious. It's sort of interesting - last time I visited the airport here, no metal detectors, or checks. Several current affairs shows have done exposes about the lax security. Always with an edgy soundtrack, and a deep voiceover. Will be interesting to see if it has changed, but as the aiport itself has a cattle grid, to prevent wandering cows, and one runway that the plane has to turn around on near the berry farm in order to get enough space for takeoff/landing, I doubt it. The plane itself has propellers. Take-off is a whole new experience in terror.

I got an impromptu sauna today. Gods it was horrible. School photo day, in the gym. 35 outside. 45 inside. Gonna be one flushed photo. Then when I went down to grab a magazine and some strongbow, after work (der), the guy in the shop looked at my choice of mag (the January edition of "Simply Knitting" - it arrived on the newsstand YESTERDAY), and said "Isn't it a little hot for knitting?"

I wish I'd replied "Isn't it a little FRIDAY for stupid?"

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