Finally I am able to post some more pictures! This is the last of the brilliant yarn my SP sent me (K9 also sent some issues of "Cast On", which I enjoyed immensely).

I am thinking that this will become one of those beautiful airy lace scarves. When I am staying with the mother, naturally, as she will appreciate the gorgeousness, and the specialness, and there is nothing quite like getting a good gloat in now and then.

The Carnivale coat continues well, however my updates to the progress bar can only be small as it's a bloody coat (we're allowed to say bloody, they use it in tourism ads)...so even huge amounts of progress are teeny.

This second one is Noro. It actually goes with some of my stashed yarn, so I am thinking that I will make one of those scarves with the slit so that it won't fall off, possibly a hat, and some armwarmers (I don't use gloves. You can't write on a whiteboard in gloves, and my home room is freezing in the winter. There's frost on the inside of the windows, because Australians have no idea how to construct a room to keep the heat in!)

Look at the colours! Be hypnotised by the cooooolours...



I have got the idea in my head that my furniture needs shifting. During my busiest week of the term, naturally. Reports are due, and the production is on, so naturally I shift furniture. Without cleaning up first, naturally. So the mess has multiplied, like the blob. Everything it touches, it absorbs, until it will eventually swallow the whole town.

So. As I am procrastinating, I am putting up pictures. It's not really working, which is a pest. I have another fish of the week to add to the shoal (for the record, shoal is a collective noun for fish as well as a bit of ocean). His name is Passionfruit, which is his colourway. I've bought more fish yarn.

Then we come to my recent package. We have...stitch markers! Very lovely stitch markers, which are now in the coat, marking where the lace repeats so that when I muck up, I notice it within 12 stitches. I am somewhat lace impaired. And mohair blends don't help. All that goaty stubbornness comes out in the yarn when you have to tink back a few stitches.

But it DOES look and feel lovely. So I'll forgive goaty stubbornness. I don't much feel like forgiving Blogger's goaty stubbornness, though. It's just taken me half an hour to upload the pics I have...so I'm afraid that I'm giving up for the evening. Tune in tomorrow for pics...



SP Goodness!

I was running late to work yesterday, and it's a darn good thing that I was! As I walked out the door at 8.25, swearing under my breath, the postie pulled up, with not one, but 2 packages! One was the magazine swap with CPurl...and the other was wonderful goodness from K9!! I can't upload pictures at the moment because Blogger is being nasty, but I will, because the stuff is so cool!

CPurl sent me the Pirate Edition of Knit1, and she got an extra KnitSimple, so she sent that to me too :-) I only just bought the winter edition of KnitSimple. Yep, that's right, the WINTER edition was only just released here in the boondocks. So I am excited, because I am a Magazine Ho (tm).

Then, the package from K9 also yielded more magaziney goodness - some Cast On Magazines (with some nice tech stuff)...and some extreme yarny goodness, with pretty blues and pinks in lace weight, some lovely purpley Noro. I have some purple Malabrigo from the last SP round, so I am thinking that Noro and Malabrigo might have babies and make something cool, like a little scarf and matching armwarmers. There was chocolate, and PostIts, and a lovely card...

...but the bestest thing were Stitch Markers! K9 made stitch markers that spell AURORA! They're so pretty and wonderful! They're in the Carnivale Coat, and they're wonderful to use. They look spiffy against the black mohair. (I am wondering if I need to rip out the first lace repeat and start again, as there are about 4 or 5 mistakes in it. It's for the lower edge, though, so it will be near the back of my knees, so I am thinking that this will just be my Persian Flaw.)

Thanks K9! And thanks CPurl! I've scanned stuff and will post pictures when Blogger lets me!


wool winder

I got a postcard! The TARDIS, it seems, is in Boston, and K9 very nicely sent me this very gorgeous postcard from there! The kitty sort of reminds me of Dory. Except that Dory would be sitting in the basket, munching on the wool as it was wound. It's joined the first card on the mantelpiece.

Finished another square and another heart tonight (I did most of the square in rehearsal for "The Tempest", as it is mindless stuff). Laid them out with the first two, and by gum it's gonna be a pretty blankie if my stamina lasts! It's a lovely pattern. It's from Creative Knitting, which as far as I can tell has no affilation with, or similarity to, the overseas mag of the same name. Ours is MUCH lamer, but usually has one or two great patterns in the dross. Well it has recently.

Drink du jour (well, drink of the month, really...) Torn up mint leaves, lime cordial (not diet lime, I mean, really, what's 150kj here or there?) and soda water. Really nice. Really.


fish of the week

Meet Ponky and Pinky, the first Fish of the Week!

I have learned that one 50g ball of unnamed pink 8-ply yields one square, one heart, and one and 9/10ths fish. I think I could make it yield a full two fish if I were more careful in my usage.

Ponky was the first fish off the rank, and he had a few developmental delays. Sorry, Ponky. Ponky may not end up swimming into the blanket because of said delays. I don't think he'll tesselate with the other fish.

I'm a bit worried about Pinky's duo-coloured tail, but I figure that no-one will notice in a shoal of fifty or so fish! They're quick to make, too - I made two across two episodes of Carnivale - complete with ripping back several times.

Hmmm, fish-blanket KAL sounds like fuuuun! I will be the slowest fisher, though...

Magaziney badness

I sent off a magazine to swap with the lovely Cpurl the other day. She's sending me piratey goodness. I'm sending her Yarn Magazine - remember, it was online for one issue? Now it's in print. It's quite a nice mag, too - usually has some interesting technical articles. Not usually got much I want to knit in it (but hey, people, I buy VK. I'll buy any knitting mag), but this time I'm thinking I'll make the easter bunnies.

It is cooling down a little, so the critters are being clingy. They all slept on the bed last night, after the territorial disputes. It's a queen bed. They're all the size of a large cat. They don't even have to touch. Nonetheless, there are territory disputes. Bark! Miau! Bark-bark! I'm going to a pet show today, and taking Binky....if there are pomeraneans there, I will be lucky not to come home with another pet...

I have done a square, and a heart for afghan #1. Thanks to the glorious Rain, I now have a fish pattern for the fish afghan. I've decided to try and make one of each piece per week. That will take a year or two to finish the blankets, but it won't make me into a gibbering madwoman.

Non sequiteur of the week - a student was talking with her peers about dogs - "Hey, y'know, I could handle owning a dog...if it didn't have legs..."

And I got contact from K9! Huzzah! Little cute critters dancing a frenetic jig.


marvel at my...oops...

Okay, yesterday I bragged about saving power.

Today, I swear to you, my LYS lady can read minds. I went in, thinking vaguely about the cardigan coat, seduced by pictures of a pretty brunette lounging about in a country club in an elegant cardigan coat. LYS lady showed me, without me even saying anything about what I was browsing, the perfect sub yarn for said coat.

At least it was only $5.50 a ball. And I didn't need many, cos it's mohair.

It's black, because I am slowly learning that although variegated brights and pastel pretties are lovely, if I make a whole garment in them, I seldom wear it. Accessories no worries, but a whole cardigan? Nah.

Whereas I wear my black cardie all the time. So I did the logical thing. I've decided to call it the Carnivale coat, in keeping with my decision to call everything something other than what it should be called, if I feel it merits to be so. It's named for a truly brilliant TV series about the conflict between good and evil, set in the US Dustbowl in a travelling circus.

I have also decided to make a couple of afghans. One is a variation on a pram rug - it's squares with appliqued hearts. I have worked out that to fit my bed, I will need...wait for it....100 squares. Queen bed, baby. I feel slightly insane. So I anticipate finishing sometime next year. Which is fine - I'll keep buying the odd balls I'll need to make it. I have this vision of my bedroom looking like something from a homemaker magazine, with a white bedspread and a rug in pale colours draped tastefully over the end of it. I am ignoring the fact that the dog will mess it up as soon as it hits the bed...and that there'll be muddy kitty prints on it within a week...

The other is the tesselating fish. Unfortunately, the pattern for this has vanished from ye olde interwebs, so I think I'll have to jig up something myself. Shouldn't be hard to do in Excel. But that might wait until the school holidays. Mmmmm. Holidays.


Evidence of Inca Jacket

Photographic evidence of the Inca Jacket, for Stefaneener. If you're wondering what I am pointing at, it is my silver dragon brooch that I got for my last birthday from Mum. She has this great sensibility for presents - she gets me neat stuff.

Colour is weird because I only just did the last of the sewing, and thus had to take the photos in the bathroom. The rest of the house is so dark that the craptacular camera wouldn't register and take pictures. Only a few more weeks until I can afford a decent camera. Quail before my mighty saving power!

The colour is about the colour in the shots, though, and the yarn is soft and squuffy. It will be handy in winter - it's still too warm here. Only got down to 14 degrees last night.

Pattern: Jacket Wrap, from Patons Book 1231 (Inca)
Yarn: Patons Inca (Alpaca/Wool/Acrylic) in a reddish shade
Modifications: Sleeves knitted 2cm shorter to fit my gnome-arms. Otherwise none.
Would I make it again: Yeah, I think I would. But it's a boring knit. Lots of stocking stitch. Probably why it sat in the WIP pile for so long. Quite chunky, so knits quickly when it is in play. I am thinking of modifying the Samus pattern and using the purples in the same yarn that Patons have just brought out.

I am also thinking of frogging something truly horrid to make the long cardigan coat that I want, but know in my heart will simply look vile. Then I haven't lost money, and the vile other won't lay on my conscience. It's a fluffy, too big, mohair cardigan that makes me look like a puppy dog who was dressed by an over-enthusiastic owner. It won't be missed. But I should really sew up the Greek Pullover first...

Oh, and for those of you playing at home, I bought the dinosaur bath mat. Dinosaurs!



I got busy on the WIPs and turned then into FOPs. Finished-Object-Projects. Well, nearly. I also watched an entire season of Futurama whilst I did so (Season Four, for those playing at home).


- The Interweave Greek Pullover is pinned to my bed in pieces, blocking its little merry heart out. I am not sure if the yarn will stretch to the i-cord ropes around the middle. I'm not too worried, either. I think that wrapping i-cord under my bust will serve to point out that my bust is not of the size of sexy. It is the size of mumsy.

- The Inca pullover needs one more shoulder seam, and the ends at the bottom woven in, then it is wearable. Had a horrible moment when I was trying it on. Then I realised that I'd tried it on upside down. Oops.

- Tempting II is frogged. I know, I know. But it was knitting up HORRIBLY. I got tension, but the yarn was far too thin. It was going to be one of those dodgy knitted tops where you can see the bra through the top. And that is never a good look. Not even on Eva Longoria.

- I've got half a sock. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

All in all, I feel quite proud and ready for some winter knitting. From the stash at this stage, if I want that digital camera. I have recently realised that the stash is bigger than I thought - as I have been slowly taking the house from squalid to liveable. That frog pond is big enough to breed new life...

...and it will, precious. Oooh yes, it will.


WIP Weekend

I've decided that this weekend will be my finish-at-least-one-long-term-wip-weekend (now YOU try saying that five times fast!). I'm on track. I just cast off on the second sleeve for the Interweave Greek Pullover. Don't remember when I cast on, but it's a good six months or more. Now I need to do the i-cord, the blocking, the sewing, and the crochet neck edge.

In the meantime, I've started the anklet socks from Yarn magazine. They had an error, which I am pleased to say I spotted and knew what to do to cirvumvent it. Huzzah! And the yarn - which came from K9, my SP, is lovely and soft, and the most STUNNING colours. Pinks and yellows. The pic is a scan of the half-sock I've done. See the yellow?

See the dodgy increase that I am gonna have to do something about when I make the second sock? Yuh-huh?

Still, they will look cute in my little sneakers that can't have long socks peering over the top.

I have had a good buying day today. Got some great fresh food (zucchini! zucchini!) from the markets this morning, and then went to the craft shop next to the not-quite-antiques-but-not-Vinnies style shop downtown. So naturally I had to look in there too. I came out with salt and pepper shakers in the shape of deer, and with a pyrex oven-to-table dish with its own stand, in blue with a 60s stylised heart and leaves design on the lid. It is officially HOT.

Then I went to the fabric shop to try and get the organza for the Greek Pullover, and realised that the fabric I wanted was 50% off. Well, not wanted. Lusted after. Desired immensely. Wasn't willing to spend $25/metre on, but still desired. I weakened and bought it. It is small panels of south american style marys of the sea. Very folk-catholic. Very gorgeous.

Went home, and sat on the lawn and knitted. Oh happy day. Hope your weekend is just as good!


finished bobblicious

I finished Bobblicious last night. Well, modified Bobblicious. Bobble-lessious.

It is very warm, and looks better than I thought it would. It also stays out of the gosh-darn WAY when I am trying to do things. I also like the way that, because I knitted it mostly in right-side-out stocking stitch, the edges have curled in around the neck and body, creating quite a nice little collary fold-in with no effort involved. I don't, however, like the way that the bulky yarn bunches at the elbows when I bend my arms in. The cruddy quality of the yarn means it's not gonna last forever, but as it cost me about $25 and was knitted in a week, I'm not that worried.

Pattern: Bobblicious by Estee Moscow from Knitty
Yarn: Sean Sheep "Big River" - approx 7 balls (juuuuust over)
Modifications: Instead of doing bobbles, I did 8 rows of reverse stocking stitch at each cuff. The rest is in normal stocking stitch (right side out). I don't actually like the look of reverse st stitch en masse, which is why I didn't follow the pattern.

I am making over my bathroom. I want to put all sorts of odd things in there. So far I have a shark that will look down upon those in the bathtub, and a strange little posse of fossils and plastic dinosaurs on the edge of the tub. The plants that used to beforest the room all carked it last time I went on holidays. Poor plants.

So my question is...

Should I go for a bath mat with:

a. a dinosaur?
b. a dragonfly?
c. in the shape of a flower?
d. with spots on it?

I mean, the rest of the house is gross - but the bathroom can be cool - right?



Tagged from Rain's blog:

4 jobs or places of work:

1. World's worst waitress at Chilli's. Seriously. I dropped things. Including beer, on myself. I forgot orders. I was banned from carrying margaritas because I would end up wearing them. I quit in embarassment before they fired me.

2. Paint shop employee. Selling paint to tradies in Punchbowl. I used to be able to lift paint that weighed half of my body weight, match colours by eye, and deal with customers who thought that the c word belonged in normal conversation. I'm glad that I did it. It taught me a lot that is hard to learn in any other forum.

3. Boarding-school House Mistress. Nearly had a nervous breakdown the week that I worked for almost 100 hours without a break. Let us never speak of this again.

4. Classroom teacher/MIC Drama. What I do now. I love doing it. What other job pays me to read cool books, put on a major musical, and interact with people, helping them to achieve things they thought that they never could?

4 movies I'd watch over and over again:

1. Spirited Away. This film is brilliant. It refuses to give up on anyone. It's even better if you turn off the dub and watch the subtitles.

2. Anything by Tim Burton...(save for Charlie and the Chocolate factory, as I haven't seen it yet). The visual sense and styling that he shows in all of his films is just neat-o.

3. The Day the Earth Caught Fire. I have a real love of bad sci-fi, and disaster films where the weather goes whacko. This combines both in a remarkably intelligent manner - it is about a reporter and a sassy girl, and their experiences as the earth heats up. Turns out it was knocked off its course by the government. Naughty government! It's black and white, made probably in the early 60s. I have only ever seen it at my video shop.

4. The LOTR trilogy. I don't think that they can be separated into one or another. I love them all.

4 places where I've lived:

1. Hornsby. This is part of Sydney. I remember little of it, except that the hospital there has stone lions, and I'd sit on them and go GRRRRRR.

2. Temora. Go west...life is peaceful there. A town of 200 residents (before the goldmine reopened), and some seven hours from Sydney. I remember watching the dust storms boil over the plains and advance on the town like the charge of celestial horses. And the dust devils in the dry patch near the chicken shed. And the way that it was too dry to have a frost, but the dogs' water froze all the way through in the winter, and didn't thaw all day.

3. Struer. This little town in Jylland, Denmark, was my home for a year. I walked on the fjord there, learned to love windmills (the modern sort), and lost major amounts of weight because I biked everywhere. I also learned what real seasons were, as opposed to Sydney seasons.

4. My current home town. It snows here sometimes in the winter, and I like that. It's rare in Australia because it does. I also like the food here. Fooooood.

TV shows I like:

1. Futurama. This is a great show. It makes me happy when I am sad.

2. Dr Who. I really like the new series as well as the old ones. I got into Dr Who from the books - the new adventures featuring the Doctor, Ace, and then Benny. To me, the new series is closer to that, which I like. That, and the last series with the seventh Doctor. And dear Tom Baker, and K9!! Can't wait to see whether David Tennant is more than just a pretty face. We didn't even see the Christmas Invasion!

3. The Young Ones. This is classic comedy, and postmodern without pretentiousness. Brilliant.

4. It's a toss-up between Buffy, and Firefly. Both by the same director, with similar quirks, both no longer on tv, both equally fun.

4 Websites I visit every day:

1. Knitty coffeeshop

2. Benrik (a.k.a This Website Will Change Your Life)

3. Yahoo for my email

4. A whole host of miscellaneous blogs

4 Places I've been to for holidays:

1. My parents took me to NZ, and Lord Howe Island, and Tassie, before I was old enough to enjoy them. Vague memories abound. My favourite is when my sis and I were convinced that the roaring sound coming from a glacier was the roaring of the trapped sabre-tooth tigers and wooly mammoths.

2. Cairns and the Great Barrier reef. The fish! The fish! The fiiiiiiiish!

3. All the places that my sis has lived, like Albury, and Melbourne. I like Melbourne. If I went to live in a proper city, it would be Melbourne.

4. Sweden - Helsingborg. I don't count Denmark as a holiday, because I lived there for a year. I also got stuck in Rome for a night - does that count?

4 favourite dishes:

1. Garlic pizza base from Alfio's Pizzeria. Truly this is the food of the gods.

2. Crispy honey-soy mushrooms.

3. Fake roast duck. I know you're thinking eeeeew, but it tastes nothing like duck, and everything like good. And no ducks are hurt in the making of this dish.

4. Pasta with black olives and cheese. I've been living on this for some time. Not for want of the ability to acquire different food - this dish has simply been all that I wanted for dinner most nights the past month. No, I can't explain it either.

4 places I'd like to be right now:

1. New York, to visit my friend Gene, and a bunch of yarn shops.

2. In the Tardis, so that I could go anywhere in space and time. We could go back to the 80s and play mullet-bingo.

3. On my planned trip to Hawai'i with my sis. 'Nuff said.

4. Curled up in bed between clean warm sheets and clean self too, reading a book on a night that is cold and stormy outside, with all of the pets cuddled close.

4 bloggers to answer the questions next:

I don't know who has or hasn't done this! How about Veritas, and ACCL? Or if you read this and haven't done it, TAG!

Bobblibious continues well. It's bloody fast! Zoooom! Watched a play tonight that included knitting, and the actress couldn't knit. I wanted to wrest the needles from her hands and show her how.

Ah well. That's showbusiness...


Doktor can you give me something...

The Doktorfish socks are done. Well, duh. Not like there'd be a photo of them here if they weren't! I need a camera that cost more than $20. This is getting pathetic.

I only got the stripes out by about 2 rows. Pretty good, I thought :-) I like the colours in them - they work together surprisingly well, and they're weird enough to go with most things.

I weakened and bought bobbilicious yarn. I am planning to make it completely differently to the pattern, with the smooth side of the st stitch on the outside, no bobbles, and some sort of intarasia motif around the cuffs. Oh, and shorter, too. Because I plan for it to be my new around the house wear, and looooong cuffs won't be fun at all in that case.

Cheap yarn. Nasty cheap yarn. But it's all good, because some things aren't meant to last for ever, and if I haven't organised it by camp week, I am getting the nice Jo Sharp Dk for a pattern that I haven't mentioned on here :-) So it all balances out in the end...

Edited in Firefox. Sorry if it looks weird on your browser.