Evidence of Inca Jacket

Photographic evidence of the Inca Jacket, for Stefaneener. If you're wondering what I am pointing at, it is my silver dragon brooch that I got for my last birthday from Mum. She has this great sensibility for presents - she gets me neat stuff.

Colour is weird because I only just did the last of the sewing, and thus had to take the photos in the bathroom. The rest of the house is so dark that the craptacular camera wouldn't register and take pictures. Only a few more weeks until I can afford a decent camera. Quail before my mighty saving power!

The colour is about the colour in the shots, though, and the yarn is soft and squuffy. It will be handy in winter - it's still too warm here. Only got down to 14 degrees last night.

Pattern: Jacket Wrap, from Patons Book 1231 (Inca)
Yarn: Patons Inca (Alpaca/Wool/Acrylic) in a reddish shade
Modifications: Sleeves knitted 2cm shorter to fit my gnome-arms. Otherwise none.
Would I make it again: Yeah, I think I would. But it's a boring knit. Lots of stocking stitch. Probably why it sat in the WIP pile for so long. Quite chunky, so knits quickly when it is in play. I am thinking of modifying the Samus pattern and using the purples in the same yarn that Patons have just brought out.

I am also thinking of frogging something truly horrid to make the long cardigan coat that I want, but know in my heart will simply look vile. Then I haven't lost money, and the vile other won't lay on my conscience. It's a fluffy, too big, mohair cardigan that makes me look like a puppy dog who was dressed by an over-enthusiastic owner. It won't be missed. But I should really sew up the Greek Pullover first...

Oh, and for those of you playing at home, I bought the dinosaur bath mat. Dinosaurs!


Blogger Rain said...

You can gladly have our cold weather. I thought my ears were going to fall off this morning.

You jacket is very pretty and the brooch looks fab on it.

Yay for dinosaur bath mats!

3:10 am  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

Girl, you are on FIRE with the FO-rama! That sweater is adorable. Even if it's still too warm to wear now, it's the perfect thing to bring to a movie theater or a meeting where the AC is often blasting.

3:52 am  
Blogger Stefaneener said...

That was worth the picture wait. I love the pin to hold it closed. It looks comfy and warm. I would love something like that in my (wait for it) 4 degrees c house in the morning. I did the math just for rain.


Does cleaning up and finishing FOs make your house look too clean? Can you artfully drape finished knit things around like "accents"?

4:16 pm  
Blogger veritas said...

*whee! dinosaurs!!!*

*pooh. picture not showing. *Cries**

10:12 am  

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