finished bobblicious

I finished Bobblicious last night. Well, modified Bobblicious. Bobble-lessious.

It is very warm, and looks better than I thought it would. It also stays out of the gosh-darn WAY when I am trying to do things. I also like the way that, because I knitted it mostly in right-side-out stocking stitch, the edges have curled in around the neck and body, creating quite a nice little collary fold-in with no effort involved. I don't, however, like the way that the bulky yarn bunches at the elbows when I bend my arms in. The cruddy quality of the yarn means it's not gonna last forever, but as it cost me about $25 and was knitted in a week, I'm not that worried.

Pattern: Bobblicious by Estee Moscow from Knitty
Yarn: Sean Sheep "Big River" - approx 7 balls (juuuuust over)
Modifications: Instead of doing bobbles, I did 8 rows of reverse stocking stitch at each cuff. The rest is in normal stocking stitch (right side out). I don't actually like the look of reverse st stitch en masse, which is why I didn't follow the pattern.

I am making over my bathroom. I want to put all sorts of odd things in there. So far I have a shark that will look down upon those in the bathtub, and a strange little posse of fossils and plastic dinosaurs on the edge of the tub. The plants that used to beforest the room all carked it last time I went on holidays. Poor plants.

So my question is...

Should I go for a bath mat with:

a. a dinosaur?
b. a dragonfly?
c. in the shape of a flower?
d. with spots on it?

I mean, the rest of the house is gross - but the bathroom can be cool - right?


Blogger eastmail said...

hey ya!nice blog..do come visit mine..its HOT!!!

6:46 pm  
Blogger Rain said...

Your version looks great, a lot better than the original.

I'd go for the dinosaur bath math to go with the posse on the tub, although a dragonfly sounds pretty cool.

8:23 pm  
Blogger Stefaneener said...

I think spots, just because. Look, anyone who can pull off Bobbilicious can redo a bathroom perfectly! (found you from Knitty.)

3:22 am  
Blogger veritas said...

dinosaur. totally. dinosaurs are fantastic. they ruled the world. in turn, they can rule your bathroom....!

i feel comforted that my stash is not the only itty bitty one out there....

4:59 pm  

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