So I'm home! This will be a teeny entry, because I have a full day of nerding it up playing D&D over at DM's place. We played last night, and I forgot knitting - I plan to bring Tubey today. Sim was actually disappointed - he wanted to see what my latest project was. I'm training these nerds up good.

But mystery hose mystery deepening further aside - HUZZAH - K9's package from the TARDIS was safe and sound on the doorstep when I got home! Lookit at the goodies!

There's a lovely Vegetarian cookbook which I rather stupidly covered the cover of (with some great-looking recipies! Mmmm, cheese pots), some chopsticks, some chocolate, and some craft tools that I have a pretty good idea about...but I'm not entirely sure in my ignorance. And some little sachets of girlie stuff! And stickers! Thanks, K9! You're wonderful!

(Oh, and check out the card. Hehehe!)



I have a huge pile of marking.

160 papers. All on the same thing. All short answer questions.

It's keeping me up at night. Because I know I'm only here for another few days, then I have 2 days of gaming, and then ittt's work again. And that's when the marking is due!

So what am I doing?

Knitting Tubey.

Tubey will, I think, be quite nice. I've only done the flat shoulder bit, as Mum didn't have the right dpns, and yesterday was Anzac Day. Anzac Day is a public holiday commemorating those people in Australia and New Zealand who went to war for our countries. It's one of the few "sacred" public holidays left - almost no shops are open, unlike on other so-called public holidays - and it should remain one that we hold as a "sacred" public holiday. 'Nuff said.

I'm gonna buy the right dpns today. And ring Peren and ask her to check for mystery hoses as well as packages. Yes, you heard me correctly. Mystery hoses. When I went back home briefly last week...there was a hose on in the back yard. Only...it wasn't my hose. It was someone elses' hose. All uncoiled and dripping onto the rhodedendron. I was, to put it mildly, surprised, because when I found it, it had been on for more than 24 hours, WASTING WATER!

I reckon it was the landlady. But, to paraphrase Austin Powers...Seriously?! Who throws a hose, anyway?


oh so happy...

I bought books! And yarn! Gosh I love visiting the city. I finally got the yarn for Tubey - I bought the re-released "Jet", which is alpaca/wool. Yeah, it'll be warrrrm, but as Mum just read from the paper that the temperatures at home are -1 to 14 degrees, I'm not worried. As it's autumn, and all. It's almost in the same colours as the pattern, though I think a plain one would be nice too.

I've also bought "Knitorama" and I'm thinking about "Alterknits", though I'm not sure. "Knitorama is cute and quirky, though I don't know how much I'll make from it. I'll probably make the hand grenade, and the duck. Flying knitted ducks. How embarassingly cute! And I found "The Happy Hooker", and now I'm determined to try crochet. I'm not very good at following instructions, but I am gosh-darn-determined to make some rabbit slippers!

One disappointing thing was that they had "Handknit Holidays" at the bookshop - and I really liked it - but it was $60. And "Sensational Knitted Socks" was $50. Even with the shipping costs from overseas, I can't see those prices being justified. I've just had a quick flick through Amazon, and BOY can I not see $60 being justified.

But other than that, I've had fun. But I think I'll be crocheting as much as knitting before long...if I can follow instructions...


too much driving...

Yeah. Driving. Yeah. I've done more than 1000kms in a car over Easter - luckily for me I didn't drive them all. I did get a square done in the car on the way up to see my grandparents, though. And I've pulled out the coat now that I'm down here with Mum, and she is fascinated. I've learned so much from the Internet. Mum is not just a Knitter. She's a Knitter. But she had never thought of things like lifelines, and marking each pattern repeat with stitch markers. (She was also in love with my Aurora stitch markers too!) All this stuff I've learned online, and boy does it make it easier.

So yes. I am in a city. Which means that I am in a place where there are not only LYSes , but big yarn shops, and all these sorts of things. And bookshops, and the ilk. Expect to hear of purchases in the next few days!

We had a lovely Easter weekend - visiting the family, including my grandparents, and having my sis up from Melbourne. I hope you guys all had a lovely time too!


back from camp!

I'm back from camp. And so it's school holidays! Yipeee!

We went to Lake Burrendong, which is an "adventure" camp in the bush about an hour from here. By the end of the first night, we'd realised that:

a. our kids seemed to be failing Living in tents 101. When the tents hadn't keeled over, they were left open and subsequently prey to nocturnal visitors.
b. the teachers were more immature than the kids (we rolled down the hill when they weren't looking!)
c. the food was going to be a struggle. Especially because there were MICE in the teachers' cabin, which got into our emergency-decent-food supplies.

Yet, in the manner of all camps, it was fun. We went grass skiing. We did archery (and all pinged our arms with the string and compared bruises). We went canoeing and kayaking, which I love - the teachers all get kayaks, so we can float about on the lake in peace. Woe betide any student who tried to splash a teacher, though. We hunted in a pack once splashed, and made the splasher rather soggy. We did a night hike to a campground where we made damper, which the kids adored (note for overseas people - damper is a kind of bread cooked on a campfire. There's a number of ways to do it - we stuck it on sticks like marshmallows and roasted it). And we played games, and ran about like gibbering idiots, and generally had a ball.

I also finished a whole school of fish. I'll post a pic on the weekend, once I'm at Mum's. I've emailed to join the Nautie KAL too, as I think they're neat. I'm contemplating making some super-big nauties as cushions (someone on the Knittyboard suggested Nautie cushions, and I think it's a BRILLIANT idea!) to go with the fish blanket once it is in the lounge room.

Gah. Cleanup today, then driving tomorrow. At least DM is visiting tonight...




Well, it would be if my scanner worked. It's much more of a metallic bronze in real life. I tried the seafoam stitch, but the yarn is too...too...something to hold the stitch properly. It looked awful. This is a simple drop-stitch necklet that I made last night. It will be fastened with a big bronzey button. When, of course, I find an appropriate button. Think I've seen one down at the craft shop.

The garter stitch rows between the dropped stitches are in fibonnanci numbers, and the drop rows look like 3s, so it all works out. Mathematically, that is.

I also have News. With a capital News. I have been, once again, asked to pick up a Y12 (senior year/final year) class. So I'll be taking two Y12 classes. The trade off is that I lose the Y11 class who have been putting me through h-e-double-hockey-sticks this term. In return, they get a man - whom I am sure, because of his gender, they'll respect more than me. (Another charming feature of country schools!) So my little nerdy heart is all a-flutter, because I get to teach Blade Runner and Brave New World again! Huzzah! And....THERE'S ONE DAY LEFT OF TERM BEFORE CAMPS! Joy! Rapture! Joy!


project spectrum...and the weather

Awesome. We're forecast to get SLEET on Thursday. This has me almost gibbering with excitement. I know that by midwinter, I won't be, but it's been a long, hot summer, and now I FINALLY get to show off my knitted goodies.

On PrettyByDesign's blog, I read about her Seafoam scarf, and having also seen Cpurl's in the last few days, I want to make one. I also read about (then joined) Project Spectrum. So I think that my April project will be a seafoam stitch scarf made out of the golden metallic ribbon yarn I bought on the weekend. I've downloaded the stitch instructions, and away I go!

Here's the button. It's nice...there's millions of them to pick from!

I finished another square in the D & D Game of Death yesterday. Six party members got to -9HP, several more than once. Four of them are dead dead. I was the lone cleric. It was pretty bloody hilarious, really, and will lead to some interesting game play over the next few weeks. I'm still alive. Thankfully - my character has already died once and been reincarnated!


the tempest is over!

Well, The Tempest, bane and joy of my life for the last 3-and-a-bit months, and the parent of the quote contained above (Ferdinand says it) is finally over. The kids did a magnificent job, really. They honestly did. If the theatre award judges don't give Ariel and Prospero nominations, I will know then, know for certain that it is a rort.

Well, on to other things. I have been swatching today with cheap'n'nasty yarn, possibly for Samus. It is very pretty and glittery, and it looks like (halfway through a tension square) I will make gauge. I am not certain about it, as there are teeeeeny little slubs in there, which might throw off the cables. I'm thinking about it for Y7 camp - once I've done the bands, I won't have to think about what I'm doing, and with cheap yarn, if I lose a ball somewhere in the Bush, I won't have to worry as much.

I've been watching a lot of Ren and Stimpy recently. A LOT. I bought the Season 1 & 2 box set at K-Mart for $30. Something has really struck me about it - as an adult, I understand Ren a lot more, and I've also noticed something about Stimpy. He is HAPPY. No matter what. Even when he is starving to death, or hwarfing, or being hit by Ren, he is happy. And life is good for Stimpy. I think I may begin living the Path of Stimpy.

Barely touched Carnivale coat. Too tired. More fish of the week though. Meet Poor John. His name comes from Shakespeare, and I have a whole ball (and two finished fish) in his colourway.

Trinculo: He [Caliban] smells like a fish. A very ancient and fishlike smell - a kind of not-of-the-newest Poor John.

There was frost last night! And, and, and, daylight saving is over. Winter approaches, and with it, yarny goodness!

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