tubey progress

I thought, as it was quickly starting to seem that I don't complete anything, I jut gripe about it, I'd show a picture of my lovely WIP Tubey. I don't know how anyone who's waist is bigger than an 8 would try it on whilst in progress, though.

I'm very happy with the colours. How they'll look on me, I don't know. I don't actually care. I like them too much to be cranky with them, even if they make me look like a hippo. I used the closest substitutes that Patons had in Jet, so my eggplant is pretty pink, and they don't make a black (how WEIRD is that?) but the grey gives it a nice soft look. My only gripe with the Jet is that they're really short balls - I had to buy another one of the brown, and I'm hoping that the distance of the brown stripe from the one on the sleeve (I'm still to do the brown stripe, don't adjust your monitor!) will make up for them being in different dye lots.

I want to finish it NOW! But the circular needles are ticking me off. I know that makes me super-uncool. But they do.

Been catching up on the copyright issues that have been happening between some brilliant designers and a moron on ebay. I'm really glad that the knitting community has someone like the Girl From Auntie, who is articulate and intelligent, and is dealing with it in a more productive way than most could ever hope for. I still want to make Rogue, too. No, no, bad Aurora, finish what you've got in the "I want..." pile....



I have realised that I am obsessed with yarn, and knitting, and patterns, and all that sort of stuff.

Well, I probably should have realised this a while ago, huh?

In the past few days, I have been spending inordinate amounts of time at Yarns Online, which I only discovered the other day. It's an Aussie source for yarns like Noro, and Brown Sheep (who have the nicest sock colours!)

I also bought this Cleckheaton pattern book, which has some lovely designs in it, that are far nicer than what has been in the shops this season. Seriously. I go to Myer, or even to those horrifically expensive little boutique shops (I know I live in a small town with limited shopping, but even so!), and the jumpers are UGLY. They have v's to the knees. Or turtle necks (ick). Or badly-placed bobbles that put me in mind of YKW. Or, if I manage to find one that I like....it's see through.

So I'm thinking that one from the Cleckheaton book might become my project for the Knitting World Cup. Hey, Australia qualified, I can legitimately do it! I regretted not doing the Olympics, in hindsight, that would be fun. Otherwise, I am thinking of doing a simple little bolero (completely unsuitable for the weather here right now - brr!) or a plain cardie or v-neck with the stash I bought last weekend.

I also made seitan yesterday. It looks like a roiling pot of brains when simmering, and frankly, the texture when kneading is terrifying. BUT it tastes just like the one I've had in resturants (I only used soy sauce for the broth), if a little heavy, and I think I know how to make it lighter. It's basically wheat gluten. I quite like seitan. It's good for things that you can't use tofu for - like fajitas, or stroganoff - but you remember with fondness from meat-eating days. It's also nigh-on impossible to buy here, even in Canberra, except in a resturant. I hadn't even thought of making my own until a throwaway comment in a vegie magazine article made me look for it online! Yay!

D & D today. And musical rehearsals. And I can knit through both....


Greek pullwhatnow?

It's gorram cold.

No, really.

My little fingers are frozen as I type this.

So it finally gave me the impetus to sew up the Greek Pullover. Disaster. I crocheted the stupid edging, and it looks like it was done by the dog. Then, because I'd been idly wondering about it, I pulled on the seamed up body piece.

The neck is somewhere around my knees. Well, not quite, but it's wobbly and it hangs out. I'm hoping that ironing (oh, sorry steam blocking) the neckline will kill the wobble...but the neck is so huge! So huge! I got all cross and bundled up the half-seamed jumper and put it on the coffee table, where it is glaring malevolent purple at me every time I go into the lounge room. It's not even like I'm flat. I am, in the parlance of the KnittyBoard, a busty sea wench. Gah.

Tubey progresses well, if somewhat loose in the sleeves. I'm glad I went with my gut feeling about arms, otherwise I would have lost my hands in acres of sleeve. I have yet to cast off on the second sleeve...I'm back to the solid part. Is it my imagination, or do stripes feel faster?

I'm going to kareoke tonight. We have to dress up as a singer. I'm going as the guy from the monster band who won Eurovision...


'snow business

Okay, I learned a REALLY valuable lesson this week. DON'T knit something with a chart on a bus. I barely got any of "Argyle" done, because I kept feeling slightly queasy (although that could have been the steady diet of PG-rated romantic comedies....) and putting it down. But the bit I *have* got done is lovely. Photos when I am halfway through a row and can spread it out to show you lot how lovely the textured pattern is.

In the meantime....we started with caves, and a very cool entrance to such. If I live in the bush, I want this as my front gate. <====

And then we got into the cave. I used to do a lot of caving as a kid, right up until my mother:
a. saw photos of me in a squeeze
b. heard about the infamous foul air incident (we got trapped and couldn't find our way out...nothing to do with farting!)
I would love to live in a cave. Actually, I'd settle for this cave, with this as the master bedroom...

Can you see the shawl attached to the column? I didn't have my tripod, so I had to use the flash. Grrr.

Next day, we went up the chairlift, which is always fun. It's so quiet, and peaceful, and you can look over the side for critter tracks, and little rivers, and all sorts of things. I submit these pictures for people who think we Aussies don't get snow. And it's not even winter yet!

All in all, a very good excursion :-) Look at that sky! And the footprints on the snow ARE mine, yes.

Be nice to your mother this weekend. Have a good one!


Update time!

Since you all probably think I knit nothing at all, given the lack of photos, here's an almost completed Tubey sleeve:

I am not sure how much longer to make it. It fits now, but I don't know if the contsruction will take inches out of it and make it NOT fit. I'm really happy with the colours. I'm making it in Jet, in colours approximating those in the original pattern. Original, I know, but I like them.

I also bought some yarn today to make Argyle, from Magknits. Look, pretty dusty pink! It was 20% off, and I have convinced myself that Tubey would not be a good project to take on the 15-or-so-hour bus trip I have coming up at the end of the week. What a shame! I'll just *have* to start another one...

It is blowing a gale here. Literally, according to the Bureau of Meterology. And there's SNOW forecast for tomorrow! It feels about to snow anyway, but this is the first official snow.

Just to make people smile, here is a photo from Easter, taken in my Grandparents' yard. They're rosellas. Pretty, huh?


evening off

Ha ha, I was right, they were for pom-poms. Thanks, K9! My pom-poms always look a bit wonky, so this should help greatly. And I can take them to Mum's to make the Interweave pom-pom christmas tree - no, I don't know why she likes it either - but it should give the professional touch.

I needed the chocolate. Electronic pats aplenty.

I misjudged some marking, and have spent evenings and evenings on it, and I'm still not finished. I think that the damn papers are breeding at night. I've been going to work, then getting home, eating, and marking. Getting up, marking, and going to work. And it's parent/teacher interview season, which makes me jumpy. I hate p/t interviews. It's one of the few things that I can't control my anxiety about.

I've decided to take tonight off. I'm tired. I bought a nice bottle of red wine, and I'm having a few glasses in front of the computer and the tv, wrapped in my lovely furry blanket. It's cold here. It feels almost like snow. The mountains are wreathed in mist, and the sky is cloudy. It's nice. I want to finish Tubey, and start on Argyle from the new Magknits. I haven't had time to knit this week, and it's getting me edgy, because I use knitting as a way to deal with stress.

Veritas - I got the new Dresden Dolls album! And I actually saw some of that edition of Rage :-) I'm glad you liked your stuff - you were a great SP to have. I'm also glad I got the chance to share that dukka with someone! If you want some more, lemme know. I can only get it once a month, because that's when the market is. I thought that the Noddy eggcup would make you think of Enid Blyton, and go....ooooooooh noooooooo....

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