Baby got back!

This is the back of my World Cup cardigan. I'm not sure I'm gonna finish it in time. It's a good thing school holidays are finally here, because it means more knitting time, and I haven't even cast on for the other bits! It looks a bit deformed in that pic. I assure you that it doesn't seem to be in real life.

Both of the teams I was going for have been knocked out - Australia (duh) and Equador (I drew Equador in a friend's sweep). So I will have to persist in the hopes of making it to the finals ;-) The only thing/s that can stop me now are socialising and D&D (I'm not allowed to knit the red over at Peren's place because it sheds distressingly onto her cream carpet. I completely understand. It sheds distressingly at my place too. I think I'll have to wear it with all red, and claim to be Miss Scarlet.)

And then...oooh the plans...I have my Samus yarn, and I have a massive stash which I didn't quite realise was so massive until I did a winter-clean over the weekend...and I have plans...


you know it's cold when...

Thanks to all of the lovely people who commented on my Tubey. You really made my day!

Now, to make everyone go AWWWWW....my living room, five minutes ago...

Yeah, these are my fur-children. The dog is Binky, the tortoiseshell is Dory, and the tabby is Stabby. They all cuddled up on the lounge tonight, and I couldn't resist getting an inaction shot. Yes, I have a doona on my lounge. At the moment, it is so cold that I'm moving from doona-point to doona-point.

The crochet is starting to get addictive. I'm making scarf #2 now - it's one of those really long ones with the huge horizontal stripes. Then I realised that crochet was damaging my world cup chances, and I have put it aside for now to concentrate on my project for the cup. It's not going too well. Let's hope it comes up against the other teams with aplomb!



I finally finished Tubey!

Eeeeesh, didn't that take a long time!

Although, as with everything I make, I'm not entirely happy with it. The stripes did what I thought they'd do, and widened my torso, and there's a lumpy poochy bit at the back where I did a LAME job of picking up stitches.

Ah, give it a few days, I'll like it then.

Pattern: Tubey, from Knitty (tm),

Yarn: Patons Jet (80% wool, 20% alpaca), approximately worsted weight, in the colours I thought best approximated those in the original pattern. It knits quite nicely, although sheds a teeny bit.

Notes: I hate circular needles. I used 10 balls of the grey to make the large size, and needed an extra ball of brown because the ball meterage is quite short - 74/m per ball. This is a lovely pattern if you aren't crappy at picking up stitches like I am.

I'm going to go buy my world cup yarn! Eeeee! Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


World cup and Garden Scarf

Okay, I promised something about the Knitting World Cup, but I just had to show this off first. It's my first crochet project since granny squares as a kid.

Pattern: "Garden Scarf", by Michelle Amerson, contained in the book Stitch and Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller

Modifications: Made with stash DK yarn and a 4mm hook, rather than the specified materials

Comment: Easy as easy, and everyone has noticed it! I think I could like crochet.

See that pendant around my neck? It's the Clover Yarn Cutter. I finally got one. I am in love with it. I have designated it an amulet of yarn cutting +2, and it gives + 2 to all sense motive, diplomacy and charisma-related checks with yarny people, because they recognise it and it mesmerises them.

As you can also see, I am a hopeless model, with the look of the rabbit in the headlights. So I got some inspiration from the prove-you're-geeky thread on the KnittyBoard (tm), and got a less selfconcious model - my telescope.

It still asked if its bum looked big in the photo. (BTW, my favourite flower is the very last one, the one in the dark down there. It's also the least lumpy and misshapen).

And in other news - the knitting world cup. I have decided on a lacy mohair cardigan in bright red. BUT I have a suspension period until I've finished Tubey. It's sooooo close. Otherwise, I won't just be accelerating towards SABLE (Stash Amassed Beyond Life Expectancy), I'll be hurtling. Otherwise, it will be a challenge for me, because it is lacy. I'll have to concentrate. I won't be able to do the collar and cuffs at D&D games. Therefore...challenge...


Oh boy

It's been an expensive few days.

My heater broke. As in it is now a rather effective fan, but not particularly good at being an instrument of warmth. Normally I wouldn't worry too much - yes, my breath fogs inside the house, but I have warm clothes - but the dog is ill. I didn't tell my little sister that I bought a heater for the dog. Especially not a space-age-mica-panel heater. It seemed to work quite well last night in my room. Well, at least my breath didn't fog when I hopped out of bed at 6am.

Yeah, 6am. What the heck was I doing up at 6am?

The Local Craft Shop had a sale. A sale which was, if you got there between 6 and 7am, 40% off all floorstock. Unfortunately, they didn't have the yarn for my World Cup Project, but I did buy yarn. I worked out by the meterage that I would need...wait for it...18 Balls of Jet to complete "Samus". The meterage on it is so laaaaame. But...but...at 40% off...do-able. So I have the Jet. I don't have the World Cup Yarn. More on that when I buy it...

...I'm thinking of going for RED.



Hurrah! I got my first SP package from the new round today!

Look ======>

Candles, and buttons, candy and a lovely letter, and an owl puzzle! I love owls. I have a little posse of them on my bookcase, sitting with my statue of Athena. I'm gonna sit down and play with it tonight. I am also happy to have more candles - winter has arrived with a bang, and the house is getting a bit...um...close....

Although, the strictness of quarantine laws in this country - they opened the package, took out some of the tea sent to me, and left a different bag of the tea. Apparently peel is not okay. So, SP, if you get a scary quarantine letter, don't worry. All but the orange tea is intact :-) Thanks SP! You brightened my day considerably!

I went shopping this evening. I feel a bit weird buying knitwear, but I justified it on this count: Yes, yes I could make it. But I probably can't be bothered to. And there's too much in the WIP pile anyway. And if I really like it, I can work out how to make my own version....

...oh, and I have nothing to wear if I don't buy it.

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