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It's Cpurl's Blogaversary. Go and take her quiz!

I've been feeling a bit ick, so I made a bright pink hat to cheer myself up. Yep, that's the yarn my SP sent me. It's so quick! And very pink. I like my pink hat. I have a lot of other projects in the works, but this one was just quick and cheery. The fulled bag isn't dry yet! Argh! I wanted to take a photo - and maybe even send it off this week!

Other than that, I have been accused of enabling by fellow knittyboarders, because I posted the link to the most wonderful tank EVER. Look! Look! DNA cable!

Moi? An enabler? Never!

And my kitsch kitchen has got a new denizen. He matches the curtains, and was $10 from the antique-shop-that-sells-stuff-that-isn't-really-antique. He is very cute, in a very scary sort of way. I figure that if I am ever serving tea to anyone, then they'll get a kick out of it!

Yes, I have cat curtains. And I didn't put them in! They were here when I moved in!

I swear!


Blogger Rain said...

Cool hat. Quick projects rock.

Um..er..nice curtains ;)

9:43 pm  
Blogger Stefaneener said...

Well, they'll either get a kick out of it or begin to edge quietly toward the door. . .

That is a nice tank. Hope the hat keeps cheering you up.

12:53 am  
Blogger mikomiao said...

the cat in front of the curtains is ingenious. :-)

the hat looks great. did you make up your own pattern? such a cute pic too!

1:01 pm  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

Thanks for the shout out on your blog!!

I love that pink hat! What pattern did you use!

Aw, man I live kitchy kitchens...I hope I get to be your SP someday ;)

2:32 pm  
Blogger veritas said...

that is one fine hat!! and one spunky aurora! ;)

10:51 pm  
Blogger Batty said...

That hat is so cool! Bright and cheery and bobbly. Just the thing to cheer you up.

And of course I clicked on your link to the DNA top. And promptly bookmarked it. Enabler!

11:30 am  

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