SP package!

Hurrah! I got home this afternoon and found a lovely pink SP package. It has the BIGGEST yarn and needles that I have ever seen in it! Look!

That's Big yarn in pink, and two different fun furs. And chocolate. Which someone ate once the package was opened (doo-doo-de-doo). And big needles, which are cute in a weird sort of way. Thanks SP! And it's PINK! I love pink. Even when I was a moderator on a goth website, my avatar had pink in it.

Another score this week, and a CPurl inspired photo...

I went to the thrift shop, and found this little package - yep, 10 balls (150m+/ball) of mohair in a pretty grey. That's Stabby checking it out. SCORE! It's sitting in my freezer at the moment, to freeze away any nasties, and giving me the heebie-jeebies when I open the freezer and forget it's there, and think something furry and grey has taken over.

Otherwise, I have been making something for my own SP. It is not pink - it's bluey coloured. It's also my first attempt at fulling - and it worked. A bag. I will post pics when it's dry (I have almost 100% certainty that she doesn't come here!). And I have also been party to the making of ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

No, the picture is unrelated to the ice cream, but it's a cold pic! I took the picture in my laundry on Tuesday, when I went in there and kicked the dog water bowl by mistake, only to discover it frozen solid. In the laundry. I put the platypus on it to make it obvious that it was frozen.

But liquid nitrogen ice-cream! I went and visited a physics class (basically to avoid doing my marking!) Ice-cream made from liquid nitrogen + ice cream ingredients. So sugar, milk, cream, vanilla, and we crushed up some cookies. After all the crappy jokes about Iron Chef...

Today's Theme Ingredient: Liquid Nitrogen! Ah, liquid nitrogen. I remember it well. I encountered it first in junior school science classes as a way to shatter fruit quickly and easily...

...we got down to it. You tip the liquid nitrogen into the bowl, and stir. Lots of smokey-looking ook comes off the bowl, and cascades over the counter. You feel that you need Igor there just for the ambience. Keep repeating until the ice cream resembles ice cream. Put into cones. Eat.

It was actually very nice (it should be, it cost quite a bit because of the cost of the nitrogen) and I could pretend that I'd run off to warmer climes, instead of warmer classrooms. I could give you the scientific explanation, but whaddoIlooklike? A science teacher?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad it arrived finally!! It was just a small in-between package sine your last package is till being worked on and will be off hopefully before the end of the month. Sorry for the lateness!!
I just didn't want you wondering and think it was the last oh no no no much more goodies to come!! It'll be worth the wait!! ;o)))
It's been interesting spoiling you, but forwarn to your next SP!! heeheee
hugs, your knitty SP7!

6:33 pm  
Blogger Rain said...

Ooo such lovelies. The mohair is a fab colour, any ideas for it yet?

7:07 pm  
Blogger Stefaneener said...

That's a great science class. What a score with the mohair! Maybe you could put a little warning sticker on the outside of the freezer? Or use liquid nitrogen!!

Hard to think of you freezing -- try to keep warm.

12:52 am  
Blogger salamander said...

Liquid nitrogen ice cream! And you can eat it?! That's crazy insane! (I need to make some)

Thanks for the compliment on my sweater! It does indeed feel fab to get comments on the blog :-) I want to see your Greek Pullover when its finished, that's one of the things on my knit list!


P.S: You are mad cool for liking both Franz Ferdinand AND Tori Amos.

3:21 am  
Blogger mikomiao said...

wow, liquid nitrogen ice cream. that sounds like something a newfangled new york restaurant would do. i'd love to try that.

i miss being your SP aurora! i may have to send you some goodies anyway. ha ha.

8:17 am  
Blogger Batty said...

That is some huge yarn! And there's cat-related cuteness... I can't stop looking.

Now I have to pull out my ice cream maker and make some ice cream.

8:58 pm  

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