tutus, dogs, and a leaky roof

9am. Saturday. I took a school excursion last night to see the wonderful Bell Shakespeare company (basically Australia's answer to the RSC) do "Romeo and Juliet", so I wasn't too lucid. It's a nice interpretation, by the way.


There was a man at my door. The real estate, apparently unable to raise me (haven't they heard of work numbers??) had sent him across to fix the roof. My roof is now drying like this:

I hope to the gods that it doesn't rain. It's rained all week here. With some snow flurries. I've got no knitting done, mostly because I have been running around the place gibbering with stress. There was a major official stuff-up this week, which caused panic attacks in teachers of my subject all over the state. When I FINALLY got hold of someone to say "Um, you guys made a mistake. You have to have made a mistake. I checked everything a googleplex of times" the woman on the other end of the line said: "Oh, yes. We've had some very distraught people ringing in." Lady, we were all distraught because if it HADN'T been your mistake, then we're looking at resigning-under-a-cloud territory. Grrr.

Two cute things to sign off on this week's entry:

1. Overheard in the playground

Boy: You know, it's true. Money CAN'T buy love.
The person he was talking to mumbled something.
Boy: No, no. That's buying MAKING love.

No, I don't know why that conversation happened either. I was just standing behind them.

2. Last night I came home to see the dog asleep on a tutu. She looked very guilty when sprung, especially as said tutu had been in the mending basket (it's a costume from work) and she'd dragged it out to snooze on. It's just cute.

Snoozing away so peacefully that she didn't notice the camera

Until the flash woke her up and she was sprung!

Oh, and my SP contacted me. Thanks - I'll email you back soon :-) I'm sorry I've been such a crap SP. My poor SP is trying very hard, and deserves chocolate and applause for doing so.


Blogger Rain said...

She's adorable. You'd swear she was smiling in that last photo.

Hope you get the roof fixed ok and that the work issues get sorted quickly.

Never mind your SP, I think you deserve some chocolate and wine and a bit of a chill out session.

9:45 pm  
Blogger cpurl17 said...

Stress, ugh. I also vote for extra chocolate & wine.

I love the doggie! As soon as I saw the photo, I could hear the dramatic strains of "Swan Lake" in my head.

3:11 am  
Blogger Tami said...

Hmm...that tutu looks awfully cozy and cushy...can't really blame the dog. At least she was just sleeping on it and not snacking.

3:38 am  

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