I got a package from my Crochetville SP today! Yarn, coffee, patterns and stickers! The microfibre yarn is very soft. It's trying to escape from its ball band!

Some very cool spooky stuff in there, including some neat Hallowe'en stickers, and these dolls. I've never seen anything like them before! They are SO brilliant! They're on my mantelpiece, but when I finish the dining room makeover, they'll go in there, because they will match the decor (scary, I know, but I have this great fabric that is very reminiscent of Day of the Dead/Folk Catholic prints, and it will become a table runner. Eventually.) Fabulous package!! Thanks so much, my C'ville friend!

In other news, I have Startitis. The Yarn Harlot identifies it in her book Yarn Harlot: Secret Life of a Knitter as the urge to start stuff come springtime.

I'm making a blanket.

It's not Lizard Ridge.

Oh no. That would be logical. No, instead, I am making the Babette Blanket, from Interweave Crochet (Spring 06). See, what happened was, I went to K-Mart, and their squeaky acrylic yarn was 25% off. Normally, this is no great thing. But I had determined to make the blanket in squeaky acrylic, so it could go on my lounge, and be merrily washed and tumble dried as needed. It will be bigger than the original, which isn't a problem, as it will then cover me + dog. The colours I have chosen would give a parrot nightmares. But it's addictive. I did half a 10-round square before school this morning. At this rate, I'll be done by the end of term! The thing about it is that as long as you keep track of your colour changes, this is mindless. It's just relaxing, no stress, no yarn-overs, no nothing.

That's it. I'll keep justifying it to myself...right up until it's time to sew the blasted thing together....

Oh, tomorrow is Talk like a Pirate day. Yaaaaaargh!


Soapy was my Knitty SP!

I got home today to find not one, but TWO packages on the doorstep! Both from my Knittyboard SP7. I'm so excited that I'm gonna take the yarn down to the radio station tonight to show the boys.

Firstly, the lovely yarn:

Two colours of Knitpicks lace weight

A ball of Alpaca lace weight:

Two skeins of Cottontwist

A skein of turquoise, what looks like handspun

Two balls of Wool-Ease in Cranberry, which in all the excitement I forgot to photograph.

Plus some candles, kermit mints, spices, and some little lovely Brittany DPNs. Oooh, and a puzzle that I had to assemble to guess who!

Then there was another package! Eeee! This one was sent via Zonda, and contained a needle roll! A handmade needle roll! I now have a place to keep my needles that ISN'T an old pencil-case! Look!

Thanks, Soapy! You've been such a patient and brilliant SP :-) Now I need to find a lovely lace pattern for that lovely lace weight! Very excited! And the spaces between marking and radio will be reserved for filling that needle roll!


Crochetville SP package and Interweave woes

Well, let's start with the rather belated picture of a very lovely package from my Crochetville SP. I got this a little while ago (and posted on the thread in C'ville!) but I haven't had my camera until now.

Yarn! Cotton yarn, in a lovely colour! And notepaper and cards! And patterns! And peanut butter M&Ms, which helped a number of people very much with their marking this week. I don't know what I will use the yarn for. Possibly the scarf from "The Happy Hooker" that is this month's project on the CAL.

Other than that....new Knitty! Quite a lovely issue. I want the Lizard Ridge afghan. I WANT it. I have a plan for the 'ghan. Make it over some time, and ask people who have no idea what to give me as a gift to give me a skein of Noro, in any colours they want. Only spanner in the works is that Noro isn't too readily available here. I think Yarns Online will get a couple of orders as I slowly make it (that way I can fool myself that it's not actually costing that much!) If you don't usually check the articles, do. There are some brilliant ones this time, particularly the one on doubleknitting socks. Two socks at once! Done with a great tone, and helpful photos. Very non-threatening article for a threatening technique.

And no new Interweave! I am seriously very disappointed with their customer service. It has now been a week since I emailed them to ask where my magazine was, and I have recieved no reply. And no magazine. It was allegedly sent more than a month ago. Even sea-mail, it should be here. (And their site specifies that they use air!) Very poor service, which is what I have heard about them in the past, but somehow believed it wouldn't be true for me. Certainly means I won't bother ordering special issues of magazines from their website! I'm going to email them again tomorrow, and ask what the go is. In the meantime, what's a bet I get impatient and buy a copy anyway (on the grounds that if I get two, I can mail one to my SP...) ?

And, to leave you with, a picture of my stepsister's wedding cake. Look at it! Caaaaaaake! It was a beautiful wedding. She was a truly stunning bride, and I wish she, her DH and DD all the best in the world for their future together. They're a gorgeous family.

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